Hints and Tips – From Me to You!

I am no expert. I know that. However, I’ve picked up a few tips and would like to share them with you. Miss Generosity, that’s me!

* If you have sensitive skin, try using a baby shampoo as a face wash. Its gentle, works beautifully and your eyelashes and eyebrows look glossy (seriously)

*Keep a small make up bag in your handbag. I’m talking about a titchy one, or even a ziplock bag. Keep in it, a concealer, petroleum jelly (which is sooo versatile, more on that later) a small handcream and a mini mascara.

* Petroleum jelly is your best friend. Use it on your lips, over brow bone to highlight, to remove make up, to make plucking your eyebrows less tortuous and to condition your nails and cuticles.

*Shop around. I have found Clarins make up from under £4.00. And its really, really good.

* Boring, I know, but plenty of water and sleep (although I know that the sleep thing is tough) cut down on caffeine and alcohol and don’t smoke. Lecture over.

* Don’t be a snob, Noone cares if your top was £1 or £100, if you like it and it looks good, that’s good enough.

* Have regular clear outs especially of your make up bag. Get rid of stuff you never use and use up stuff you rarely use.

*Keep a box with buttons, ribbons, trimming, patches and appliques. Its so easy to customise things that aren’t quite right.

So, that’s it for now, feel free to add your own!

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