It’s Been A Long Time Coming…

I have been horribly neglectful over the last few months. I’m writing a book (yes, really), I’m doing the whole Ultra Involved Mum thing and we have been doing up our garden before going on holiday.

First things first, the garden.

I am a member of Mumsnet and back in July I was selected to make over my garden, here is the thread in question, with the help of B&Q and, bloody hell, we worked hard on it. It turns out I didn’t just need to fabulize myself, the house and garden needed an overhaul too. We spent days on it, in the middle of that ridiculously hot period. The one we all moaned about.

<Glares at grey, rainy, cloudy mankwich of a day>

So, the garden started off looking like this:


Which, to be honest, isn’t great. I mean, we live in the countryside but sitting outside just got me antsy.

013 019

So, we prepped the area, and started to build the decking

021 024

We measured carefully, and asked my Best Mate Forever (who happens to be a gardener) for advice.

029 188

The decking was done in one afternoon (mainly because we had been so careful about the measurements)


So, after lots of hard work this is what it looks like (better pictures on the B&Q website linked earlier)

I’m really proud of our hard work. Of course, by the time we finished the weather had turned, but we have been able to enjoy it, and next year it will still be there. B&Q were pretty pleased and have used our garden as an example in their marketing. Not bad, eh?

holiday 2013 009


We also went on holiday to Majorca. The first time we went to Majorca was Pre-Boy and to Magaluf. Which was great for 19 year old partiers, but I’ve never been a partier. Not even when I was 19. Anyhoo, we went to Can Picafort, and stayed at The Son Baulo Hotel, and I can honestly say it was the best holiday we have ever had. The weather was great, the hotel was perfect and the beach was gorgeous.

holiday 2013 109 holiday 2013 226

Warm seas, even I went swimming!

holiday 2013 041 - Copy holiday 2013 204

Lovely walks, the first is the Necropolis. It was amazing.

holiday 2013 198 holiday 2013 090

Wild Tortoises and Delicious Milkshakes.

holiday 2013 062 holiday 2013 193

We actually got to hang out as a Family, which was great.

holiday 2013 021 holiday 2013 025

holiday 2013 050 holiday 2013 077 holiday 2013 133

And plenty of other little things which make a holiday awesome.

holiday 2013 010

Not to mention, a Great Hotel

So, that’s the holiday done. and the washing, drying and ironing sorted. Summer clothes ironed and stored away, while all the winter clothes have been washed, ironed and taken up residence once more. Which I don’t mind, I like wintery weather and clothes. They are comforting and cosy. Plus, Christmas is on the way!

Current project is a book, a historical novel based on the life of an early medieval princess who was made a saint. It’s taking up a lot of time though, hence the lack of blogging. To be honest, it can be very tough going. I currently have a crush on my villain. I’m a bit concerned about that. And why didn’t the Anglo-Saxons keep detailed accounts of their lives? Eh?

Anyway, I’m back! What did you do this summer? Do you prefer winter or summer? And tell me about your favourite holiday!

Until next time, happy fabulizing peeps!


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