I’m Dotty About You!


Well, isn’t it a glorious day? The sun has got it’s hat on, my legs are coming out to play.

Sometimes I buy something on impulse, and then put it away for years. Never quite sure what to wear with it, and feeling too self-conscious to air it in public. In fact there are a few things lurking in my cupboard that I have never been able to dress properly. This skirt is a prime example.

It was in the Primark sale 3-4 years ago. It was £1. I remember being ridiculously smug about finding such a quirky and cute item so cheap. But I couldn’t find a top to wear with it. Jersey tee’s and vests didn’t look right. A black top made me look like a waitress. All my white tops were the wrong white (yes, I know how utterly ridiculous that sounds) and different colours just looked like a four year old dressing up. Last week I got this sleeveless sort-of blouse from Warehouse, lo and behold, it’s the right off-white shade for this skirt. Today is the first of many airings for this particular pairing (d’ya see what I did there?)


The thing I like about this skirt is the shape. I love the box pleats and the structured silhouette. Not to mention the distinctly retro vibe it has. It walks that line between skater skirt and puffball, which is pretty hard to do. I’ve found a few skirts in a similar vein. They are unashamedly girly, the type of thing that Sandy Olsen would wear, if a little shorter. I’m only 5’2″ish, so on taller women it’d be a LOT shorter.

064238ba azz52601_blue_default_l image1xl (4)

Left to right: Bank, BooHoo and Asos

They are just so pretty, the type of skirt that makes you want to twirl. I love the centre one in particular, although I’m not brave enough to team with a crop top, and I can see it with a pale blue blouse, tan shoes and a tan wide waist cincher belt. Because I am so rubbish with heels, I live in my ballet flats during the summer, and this shape skirt is perfect for flat shoes. Heels look ever so slightly tottery and boots just look daft. We are going to a Ceilidh in the village later on today, so my new old skirt makes me feel like jitterbugging. Well, I do try to dress accordingly!

Anyhoo, of out to enjoy the rest of the sunshine. Thanks for reading and, as ever, Happy Fabulizing peeps!


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