The Future’s So Bright, I’ve Got To Wear Shades!

Is anyone else addicted to sunglasses? I always seem to have loads of the buggers knocking around. And they all look pretty similar. I buy cheap, oversized and slightly tacky, in my minds eye I look like Jackie O, I want to look like Holly Golightly, in reality I’m probably far more Deidre Barlow.


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The problem is, I’m also a glasses wearer. I’m supposed to wear them all the time and I do try to. So, for ages I either wore my glasses and walked around with a squint on sunny days, or wore sunglasses and bumped into things – a lot.

audrey-brown-angle-browntint I finally cottoned on to prescription sunnies, and honestly, I don’t know how I coped. I got these from Glasses Direct, it was a pain in the bum ordering them, the tint pricing etc wasn’t very clear. However, they were well worth the wait.


There are loads of really good online shops selling prescription sunglasses, or you can use your BOGOF when getting a new prescription. Something that never occured to me before. But, if you don’t need a prescription, these are my favourites

image1xl (1) image1xl (2) 22P26DBLK_normal

Left to right: Asos, also Asos and TopShop

After all, we get so little sun in the UK, its sensible to have a little fun with your clothes and accessories! I like pretending I’m glamorous or free-spirited. I have a penchant for wide brim hats and chunky beads as soon as the sun shows its face, and sunglasses mean I don’t have to do my eye make up (could I get any lazier?) and can pretend I’m a film star. Does anyone else do this?

Todays Outfit


001 IMG-20130627-01250

I was feeling quite nautical today, must be the rain, the trews were from FatFace, I love the shade of blue. perhaps not as versatile as jeans or chinos, but fresher. The shoes are a good advertisment for needing different types of shoes. They are those canvas and straw boaty shoes, and I love them. They are really comfy and dress down. But, they don’t look right with jeans. Or shorts. or skirts, come to think of it. So, I wear them with my blue chino things. The nail polish is new, and not the orange it looks in the picture. It’s L’Oreal Sanguinello which is a brilliant reddish orange, while the top is an oldie from H&M.

There we have it, until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps!


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