It’s Rude To Point!

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Pointy shoes are fabulously impractical aren’t they? They look good, but always feel funny. Too big, too clown-like. Of course, it could just be me and my freakishly small feet. Either way, there are some great looking pointy-toed shoes out there, for the non-titchy that is.

The other day I got these in the H+M sale. They were only a couple of quid, but I’m hugely disappointed. I have a soft spot for animal prints, as you may remember, and really fancied a pair of animal print pointy-toed flats. I saw them livening up a boring outfit, adding a bit of a twist and rock chick glamour. But, in one walk they came off five times and I ended up with cramped toes from trying desperately to keep them on. Still, I selflessly decided to keep up the search for wearable elfy footwear. You’re welcome!


I love these from Dune, sadly a size 3 in Dune is bloody huge, even so, I’m partial to a nude shoe and these are currently on sale at £24 and really very, very pretty. They are very classic and versatile. I can see them looking great with just about anything. Ditto, the light blue from Zara. It’s an unusual colour and the low but visible heel makes them look more expensive than they actually are.

download image1xl 41AKbPbKbhL._SX280_SY364_SH35_

Left to right: Debenhams, Asos and Marks & Spencer

The M&S ones are probably my favourites out of this little lot, even if I have accidentally ordered the nude flats from Debenhams. The block heel is back in fashion (I remember the heels of the 90’s) and is the perfect height. Not to mention the cool pattern. M&S has some great shoes at the moment, their clothes might not be hitting awesome, but their footwear is certainly getting there. Its all a good price too.

It may only be June, but there’s no need to neglect your inner elf!

Yesterdays Outfit

IMG-20130625-01236 IMG-20130625-01241 IMG-20130625-01237

I love these trousers, they are insanely comfortable and are ace to travel in (I wore them to fly on our last holiday) normally I’m not a fan of harem trousers. They are just too fashion-forward (urgh) for me and make the tiniest bum look rounder. But these are the exception. I got them from Bank last year, and it was love at first sight. The tee is from New Look, to be honest, I don’t really like New Look’s clothes. They seem to always fall short. Too much like Primark to compete with TopShop, and too much TopShop to compete with Primark. It’s a Meh Middle-roader. That said, I love the feel of this tee, its soft and comfy. The shoes aren’t online, but were from H&M.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing, peeps!


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