Pretty In Pink – Or Orange, Or Lavender, Or Red…

I have a confession to make, I am an addict. That’s right, I am Lissie, and I’m addicted to nail polish. Particularly pinks. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I go make up shopping I always end up with a pink polish. I’m sure it goes back to being a rather tomboyish 14 year old. I had just come out of hospital and was fed up of being one of the boys. So I went into a shop in the small town I grew up in. It was one of those strange shops that pre-dated Poundland, I bought a pack of make up that I didn’t know how to apply. Orange eyeshadow, bronze lipstick, and a coral nail polish. The eyeshadow and lippy looked horrific. The polish, however, looked fabulous. And that was the beginning of a love affair.


Over the years I have diversified to include most colours in my stash. I spent months trying to track down the perfect orange, the perfect red, the perfect metallic. I get a picture in my head, the colour that I want, what I would wear with it, whether it would work better in the winter or the summer… And that’s it, I can’t rest until I have found IT. I buy a lot of my polishes online and, as we all know, the polish can look very different on the picture as it does on the nail. If I was stranded on a desert island with just one item of make up, it would be my nail polish. Probably a pink. Or a red. Or an orange.

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The Man doesn’t get why I have so many polishes which look almost exactly the same, but the truth is I like the subtle differences between different shades. I like flitting between Nails Inc Omp and Essie’s Camera, or Opi’s I Eat Mainely Lobster and No7’s Cheeky Chops.


At first glance they might look similar, but make no mistake, they are as different as night and later that night. The Opi is more coral than the No7 and is matte in comparison, while the No7 is brighter, more neon. The Essie is a reddish pink with a matte finish, while the Nails Inc is a glossy pinky pink.

Yesterday I popped into town with the intention of getting a new pink polish. Boots had a special offer on their No7 range, buy one get one half-price. I also had a voucher for £3 off, this meant that I got two polishes for £6. While I was there I also went into Poundland where I can usually find a bargain or two. Sure enough, I found a fab mint green by Revlon called, imaginatively, Minted.


It’s surprisingly pretty, fresh and delicate. I have a soft spot for pastels especially on my toes, and it goes beautifully with my new H&M jumper.

I also got Winter Tale from No7, which is a lovely lavender grey. It makes a nice change from my existing slatey, mushroomy or beigey greys. It makes a, quite honestly, dull colour pretty and interesting.


I’ve never really been a fan of the No7 polishes, they’ve always seemed too thick and took too long to dry. Which was a shame because I like the colours and the brush is nice and wide. However, it looks like they’ve changed the formula a bit. I’m wearing Cheeky Chops today and it’s survived the laundry, the washing up and dusting. And all without my trusty  Seche Vite topcoat. Impressive, eh?


I prefer using bright colours in the summer, pastels in the spring, rich, earthy tones in the autumn and glamorous jewel-like shades in the winter. My hunt for the perfect orange was epic. I had friends hunting for me, I had alerts set up all over the place and I trawled the internet searching for exactly the right shade of tangerine. I ended up getting L’oreal Resist and Shine in Aqua Mandarin, which has rather sadly been discontinued, so I shall have to find an alternative sooner rather than later. Likewise, when I wanted a red I had to hunt around for the right shade. Some were too insipid, others too orangey, eventually I found Essie’s Size Matters which is a deep cool red. It’s really very dramatic and has a vintage feel to it.

I love nail polish, somehow it seems more versatile and makes more of a statement than other make up. While my make up changes from day to night (ha, as if I ever get out at night now) the basics are the same. Certain colours look better than others. And I can’t go too OTT. But, you can step out with neon green nails if you want too. You can paint on patterns, use magnets or opt for a natural manicure. Your nails don’t limit you like your eyes do.

That’s my excuse, anyway!

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing!

Todays Outfit

IMG-20130621-01207 IMG-20130621-01222 IMG-20130621-01204

IMG-20130621-01208 IMG-20130621-01209

Look at those shoes!! I have been on the hunt for a pair of tan mid-height wedge sandals for ages. Preferably a mule style. And, of all the places to spot them, was in the Clarks sale.  My lovely Man got them for me as a present (I’ve not been well lately so needed cheering up) and I could (and did) have kissed him. They are utterly perfect. And are stonkingly comfortable too. Beautiful. And note the orange toenails in the aforementioned Aqua Mandarin.

Jeans are my usual Baxters and the top was in the Warehouse sale, and is similar to this one. And the bag, oh, The Bag. I usually end up with huge slouchy bags full of tissues, lego figures and loose change. But, today I decided to change things up a bit and dragged out this little beauty.


I’m easily pleased. Another warehouse sale find. So, there we have it, I’m off now to walk the dog. Stay well folks. Until next time!


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