Flooring Fluros!

There’s nowt like being complimented on something you’re wearing to give you a bit of a boost. I have been trying very hard to look halfway human on a daily basis, but don’t always succeed, however, when you find something lovely it’s always nice to show it to the world and give a bit of a twirl, and, shallow as this may be, receiving a compliment makes it seem worthwhile. Of course, the more eyecatching your outfit, the more likely someone is to notice it. I have some really nice basic tops, but people don’t really notice because they’re just so ordinary. And that, my friends, is where brights come in and save the day!

acid_house_by_kram666Photo Credit

You can’t beat a bit of bright! And, now that the summer is finally here, I’ve started looking at brights with fresh eyes. From nails to jewellery to bags to belts. And maybe the odd top thrown in for good measure. Of course, you have to aim for Adult rather than Acid House. The new neons are more grown up, fabrics are more delicate and smiley faces are best left on Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever social network is currently cool. Neons are the shade of summer. Nothing looks better against summer skin (except, maybe, white) and the beauty of brights is that you can find a colour that suits you.

Last week The Man bought me a bag. It’s a thing of beauty. Normally I would have gone for the classic and versatile tan and black, in fact, The Man pointed out the tan first saying “that’s the type of thing you like, isn’t it?” and, to be fair to him, it was. I was very impressed with him, but then I thought “am I really a tan woman? Am I that predictable?” My eye was drawn to this bag instead.


Thank god for the House Of Fraser sale! I can’t find it online, but this is quite similar, and I am rather tempted to get this as well, just so I can be the type of woman who own a set of bags. And, as often happens once I fall in love with something, I started searching for other things in the same sort of vein. These are my top picks:

I_184891395_50_201304195644097539_1_1_3 hmprod (1)

Left to right: Dress – House Of Fraser, top – Zara and jumper – H&M

I_5397056777044_50_20130522  hmprod (3) 635761_mainFrom Left to right: Biker jacket – House Of Fraser, shoes – on special offer at H&M and bracelets – River Island

The thing to remember with brights, is don’t go OTT. Especially if you are over the age of 16. The simple fact is, neon should make you stand out, but, unless you are Nicki Minaj (no, I don’t know that is either) or Katy Perry, you simply cannot wear head to toe neon without looking like you have escaped from a 1990’s warehouse.

neon80srave060112_LargeWidePhoto Credit

I seem to have more neons hanging in my wardrobe than I originally thought, after a gentle root, this is what I found.

304 307 314

321 322 323

There are a couple of other things, but I couldn’t be bothered to dig them all out, and neon nails deserve a post all of their own! Just follow the rule, as long as you keep everything else quite neutral, fluros needn’t be frightening.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing!

302 303

I’m quite pleased with my barnet today. A simple side ponytail with plaits.


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