OI – Cheeky!

I have pale olive skin. This means I tan quite easily, rarely burn (apart from one year, as a teenager, when I used baby oil on the backs of my knees – I cannot tell you how much that hurt) and I don’t blush.

Yes, you read that right, when I get embarrassed, I stutter and stumble, but don’t colour. So, I’ve always found it really hard to get blusher right. How much do you put on? Where do you put it? What colour should I use? And what shade of that colour? How do I avoid looking like Aunt Sally? Or Boy George?

101895053__259908c images

 Photo Credits: Left & Right

Recently, make up manufacturers have revolutionized the humble blusher and we have so much more to choose from. Different textures, different colours, different types. From the pressed powder that our mums used to wear, to the liquid stains, we’ve never had it so good, or had so many options.

I quite like the gels, the tints look patchy and the powders don’t look right at all, ditto those cream blushers. They look caked on and flaky. Of course, this might be down to the way that I have applied it, someone a little less heavy-handed probably looks awesome.

Shade no5 - Peachy

Shade no5 – Peachy

I’ve been using Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel and, although subtle, it has a really lovely texture and a slight shimmer. I can build it up, so that I have a delicate flush, or just use one layer to highlight. I also put a blob (dead technical, me) on my nose, just where I would normally catch the sun.

IMG-20130521-01059 IMG-20130521-01062 IMG-20130521-01066

Can you even see the difference?

See, I don’t seem to look right with full make up on. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never really worn it, or just because I’m rubbish at applying it. Either way, this type of tint works well on me. Bene-fit’s Bene-tint is also not bad, although I struggle to get it looking even on both cheeks. I suspect that that’s more to do with my uselessness and impatience than anything else though, and practice makes perfect. So, maybe I should keep trying…

Do you have any blushery top tips? Are you a gel, powder, creme or tint kind of gal?

Todays Outfit

IMG-20130521-01070 IMG-20130521-01071 hmprod

Another scruffy day, I seem to have fallen off the fabulizing wagon a bit lately, time to pick up the pace again! This top is from H&M (are you surprised?) and is really useful. It’s soft, the sweatshirt lining makes it warm and its a nice fit, too. The jeans are ancient baxters, from before TopShop turned them into proper skinny jeans with thin, stretchy material, and my feet are distinctly dressed down in my trusty Gola’s.

I seem to have got lazy again, I don’t know if its the mercurial weather, or the fact that life seems to be quite a bit busier, or that my joints have been playing up, but I have reverted back to old habits. You know, just sticking hair in a ponytail, no make up (aside from a bit of concealer) and wearing clothes that wouldn’t look out of place on an angsty teen.

So, renewal of resolution, kick up the bum. A new, new Lissie.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing!


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