Seeing Double, And A Walk In Fields Of Green!

Every now and then, it’s rare but it does happen, I find a perfect top. Everything about it, the fit, the  fabric, the shape and the way it washes, is perfect. It slots so easily into my wardrobe that I wonder how I got by without it (and yes, I’m aware of how overdramatic that sounds). In fact, it’s so perfect that I have to go and get another in a different colour.


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Such a thing happened a few years back in Asda, of all places. Now, apart from School uniform and underwear for the men in my life, I’m not a huge fan of supermarket clothes. I  prefer “proper” clothes shops and like focusing on outfits, not bread and milk. I know this makes me odd, but I’m unrepentant. Supermarkets are for food. Homeware shops are for, well, homeware and clothes shops are for clothes.

Apologies, I got a tad sidetracked there. Anyhoo, in Asda I found a blue and red boxy short sleeved tee. I remember that it was only a couple of quid, I got it thinking it’d do for scruffy days. I got it home and promptly forgot about it til a week or so later. I threw it on with an old pair of carpenter jeans from Next. Shock of shocks, it worked. So, I went back and got the red and blue.


Spot The Difference

See, finding something that fits so well is a bit like finding a diamond, you have to keep digging to see if there’s more!


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Anyway, So I have two tops that are almost exactly the same. That I wear with the same pair of jeans, and the same jacket. Why mess with a winning combination? After all, it’s not often that I find something I like enough to buy two of!

IMG-20130519-01022 IMG-20130519-01030 IMG-20130519-01028

IMG-20130519-01035 IMG-20130519-01036

In fact, its only ever happened with dull basic tops before, rather than something bright and patterned. I think it’s the shape. I don’t like tops that are too fitted around the tops of my arms, or are too fitted full stop. I am drawn to slouchier fits and loose sleeves. I also like the fact that they have reused the same colour palette’s in both tops. It adds a touch of uniformity (is that a real word?) to my wardrobe. I like knowing that I have two failsafes that I can chuck on, move around quite freely in, and look halfway human in.

Nothing wrong with liking a back up!

* * * * * *

Yesterday was a really lovely day <eyes grey, ominous clouds> so, The Boy and I took The Worlds Daftest Dog for a wander around the village, he threw some poses for me, and I said I would post them here, and that soon I would let him write a guest post about what he likes to wear – something to look forward to, I’m guessing it will involve shorts. And T shirts. And probably a fedora.

IMG-20130519-01042 IMG-20130519-01043 IMG-20130519-01051

IMG-20130519-01049  IMG-20130519-01044


So, do you have something that you just had to buy more of? And, are you taking advantage of our occasional sunny days?

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing!


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