Listen To Your Mother – Chino’s Best!

I’m a bit bored of jeans. There, I’ve said it. The world is still turning and I’ve not been struck by lightening!

I’ve worn them almost every day in the last 20 years and it’s time to set them aside. But, what do you wear instead? In the winter I wear my cords, they are soft, comfy and hard-wearing. But now that the weather is starting to warm up, I am finding myself drawn to chinos. For some reason I’ve always passed them over, but, and this may be my age, I’m starting to love them a little bit. Image

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It started with a burgundy pair from Fat Face. Fat Face is a bit like White Stuff and Boden, a bit too generically quirky – if you get what I mean – but their clothes are well made and the fabric is nice and soft, so I bit the bullet.

The greatest thing about chinos, for a titch like me, anyway, is that you can roll up the hem. When you spend your life tripping over your jeans and you’re on first name terms with the woman who does alterations, its a relief to be able to just roll and go. They also go pretty well with lighter footwear – ballet pumps, moccasins, canvas trainers all look pretty damn good with a pair of chinos.


 Fat Face

I have two pairs of the Fat Face ones, I had to go and buy in the harbour blue too, and I’m pretty besotted. I sized down and they fit well and are really comfortable. Which is a must, really. I mean, who wants to spend their days holding their breath and avoiding sitting down?

That’s why I like them so much, they look good in a casual, preppy sort of way, but are still really comfortable. The only real downside is that you are quite limited in the tops you can wear with them. I tend to stick with striped or plain jersey, just to keep it looking simple and crisp.

13WSUM_WM341_SGR 144770 403457_PINK

Left: White Stuff, Centre: Next and Right: White Stuff

Ok, so they aren’t particularly cool, and are more M&S than Miss Selfridge, but I’m not 18 anymore and I value comfort above fashion now. Gap has a huge range of chinos from the simple to the patterned, from loose fit to skinny and from brights to neutral. It’s always worth checking Gap. The casual, Claire Dunphy look is where they really excel. And, honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. We don’t have to be red carpet ready all the time. Or to pretend to be Lady GaGa.

cn4338948 cn6089357

So, there we have it. My guilty secret. I am a chino wearer. As a penance, I shall spend tonight looking at pretty dresses. Shame, isn’t it?

Todays Outfit

IMG-20130517-01005 IMG-20130517-01006

Very dull today, yesterday I overdid it a bit, so today I have thrown on comfy and practical. The tee is from H&M and the chinos are the ones I spoke about above, and the oxford pumps are from Amazon. All in all, a bit meh, but that’s ok, tomorrow I shall make more effort.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing!

2 thoughts on “Listen To Your Mother – Chino’s Best!

  1. No need for extra effort – that’s a fine outfit and not dissimilar to anything I would wear. So I’m going to say it’s great. Don’t worry about being a chino wearer. I have 5 pairs and counting. I think. There could be more but for the time being, there are 5 in the wardrobe and I love a trouser you can turn up too.

    • thank you! I started writing, feeling quite chirpy and optimistic, but after trawling t’internet for chinos I was quite despondent. they just looked so meh. That said, its nice to just chuck something on and go.

      And the roll ups are a godsend! If only all trousers could be rolled up.

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