Back To Black – The Elusive Perfect Boot

First things, first. My apologies for my disappearance from the blogosphere. Things have been a bit crazy here, but all back to normal… I hope. Anyway, on with the show! I was very tempted to say on with the shoe, I am a loser.

Black ankle boots are pretty much a shoebox staple. They go with so much and the perfect black boot is worth their weight. There’s a problem though. They can look pretty… mumsy. Not that there’s owt wrong with looking like a mum. I am a mum. But I didn’t want to look drab or frumpy. Nor do I want high/thin heels. Actually anything over 2″ would be a no no, due to my inability to remain upright across a flat stable surface. Suede is also out, I have a white dog who scatters his fur everywhere. Plus, it rains in the UK. A Lot. My search has left me feeling, at times, like I am drowning in a sea of shoes, not that I’m over-dramatic….

tumblr_m5a5fnVza91rx875ko1_500Photo Credit

So, where do you start when seeking the Perfect Boots? I looked at Office, first of all. They are usually a good bet when looking for boots, what with being a shoe shop ‘n all. They were promising, at first. A picture started to form in my head of the type of boots I wanted, the look I was going for. The first pair (seen below) were called Namesake. I like the toe, the fact that they aren’t too masculine or too girly. They are also the perfect heel and ankle height.



Looks like it should be a winner, right? Wrong. I don’t like the gold studding, they are suede and they would drown my titchy ankles. So, the hunt went on. The Office boots did decide me on the heel I wanted though. The western style heel is exactly what I wanted, and the studs would have been fine if they were just chunkier.



Which brings me nicely onto the little beauties above. The studs are much bigger, tougher looking and cooler. They look waterproof and I love the shape of the toe, a little wider than the office ones, but not too round. A good middle. But the heel lets them down for what I want. I’m short, so if I’m going to cut my leg at the ankle (not literally, that’d be messy) I need a bit of a heel. These are just too low, and don’t have that westerny block heel. It’s such a shame, because even now I’m looking at them longingly.


The closest I could get to perfection was the pair above. Looser top? Check. Studded? Check. Rounded narrow toe? Check. They even have a strap which creates the illusion of longer legs. Guess what though? No Debenhams in my nearest town, and I like to try boots on before buying, plus, the top doesn’t quite look finished, as if there should be a trim or something attached.

I had given up. The perfect pair of boots didn’t exist. I was never going to find a fab biker/cowboy hybrid. A pair of boots that I can wear with jeans, leggings, tights or bare legs.

sulkPhoto Credit

Today though, I popped into town and called into New Look, I almost didn’t, it’s not a shop I frequent. Thank Jimmy Choo I did though, no sooner had I spotted the size 3 shelf, than I saw them. The Perfect Boots (in the sale, no less). I can’t find them online, but they are everything I was looking for. The right height, the right length, black, studded and the right shape heel. As Goldilocks would say, They Are Just Right and well worth the search. I was so pleased to find them that I put them on the second I got home, after spraying them with protector, of course and strutted around the house, admiring them. Then, I just had to tell you about them. Now, excuse me, I’m going to play dress up with my new boots!


I can’t be the only person who obsesses over finding The (non-romantic) One! What have you been hunting for?

Todays Outfit!

IMG-20130515-00988 IMG-20130515-00992

Yes, they are jeggings. I know that for some people, jeggings are a sartorial sin, but I like them. They are comfy, stretchy and last well. If you find the right ones, they can look great. I got these a couple of years ago from primark, they are a bit long, but fit well and are insanely comfortable. The top is from New Look and is just the right length on me. I love the loose fit and the material, which is really soft cotton. And, of course The Boots.

IMG-20130515-00989 IMG-20130515-00996

I have also just tried to dye my hair blonde. I had some highlights last month, last week I used Garnier’s Olia in Beige Dark Blonde to try and lighten 20 years worth of dark brown dyes. Then, last night I used their Blonde. Now, considering that I have dyed my hair twice in a week, not just dyed, but lightened it, you would think that my barnet would be in flitters. But it’s not, I think it’s because Olia is oil-based, so doesn’t wreck your hair as much as most dyes. The colour may not be quite as bright, but your hair is healthier. Anyway, thats me, back from a long break.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing!

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