Bun-dle Of Joy

I have been practising different styles with my barnet. Day to day, I end up with a messy ponytail or a sort of twisted bun thing, as well as my unstructured bun. But sometimes you need to look a bit more polished. That’s where the high bun comes in.

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There’s something very graceful about it, it reminds me of ballerinas and princesses. A bun is a sure-fire way to inject a touch of elegance and femininity into a look. Sadly, I am about as graceful and co-ordinated as an ice-skating giraffe, so I need a bit of help to recreate this look. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools on the market to help me out.


Asos Large Hair Donut – £6.00


Asos Small Hair Donut – £5.00

Happily, most high street fashion stores sell them (I got mine from H&M for £1.99) and if, like me, you have longish hair that needs an extra bit of help, they are brill. And soooo easy!


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Ok, its a bit messy and needs tidying up a fair bit, but I like it. It also works well as a low side bun. My hair is too long to just pin underneath, so I had to sweep it clockwise around, holding the donut in place. All in all, it didn’t take long, but looks like I’ve made loads of effort. And, more importantly, I feel really pretty.

Buns? Donuts? Tasty! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’ll get me coat.

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