There’s A Spring In My Step

Sssshhh, don’t shout it too loudly, but we’ve had two nice (well, rain/snow-free) days in a row. The sheep are back in the field behind my house, and I keep getting the urge to do some housework. Don’t worry, I repress it fairly quickly. You know what that means, don’t you? Spring is trying to push its way in! So, In honour of the faint sunshine, I have thrown on my chinos and canvas pumps and embraced the vitamin D.


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It’s amazing what difference a bit of sunshine makes, isn’t it? I am looking at my wardrobe through totally different eyes. The dresses that are “too nice” for everyday wear, suddenly become wearable. The trousers that are too long, can suddenly be rolled up and worn with flats. The jeans that are too baggy and with jumpers make me look like a sack of spuds with arms, can be worn with slim-fitting tee’s and don’t look too bad at all. And best of all, the colours! The greys, navy and brown heavy knits and sweatshirts can be replaced by bright colours , diaphanous fabrics and slightly garish patterns. Woo Hoo!

I’ve selflessly searched for my favourite picks. <The Man is hiding all cards>

image1xl image1xl (1) 3170113800

From left to right: Pussy Bow Blouse – Asos, Hisbiscus Vera Mode Jumper  – Asos and Bird Print Dress – Oasis. All of these have a distinct vintage feel. The blouse is lovely and feminine. I’m a child of the ’80’s and have a bit of a soft spot for pussy bows. The extra layer updates the blouse and it’s such a pretty colour. The jumper comes in cream too, and they are both lovely. Fine knit, short sleeves and slim-fitting. It’s perfect with a pair of jeans and ankle boots. And this dress. <Sigh>. Ok, it’s a bit pricier than the things I normally link too, but if you work out its price per wear… well, its almost a bargain! You can tell I love it, can’t you? It would be great with combat/biker boots as part of the grunge trend, or with a pair of pretty ballet flats. The print stops it being too “Rachel Berry” and the shape is still current.

26K02LNDE_normalimage1xl (2)hmprod (4)

From left to right: Nude Skater Skirt – Miss Selfridge, Soft Biker Jacket – Asos and Sleeveless Shirt – H&M. I don’t normally like skater shapes. They look a bit twee for my liking and childish, but the pleats and pattern make this a bit more… grown up. The colour is nice and soft, and the shape is lovely. The biker jacket is a fresh colour, and a much lighter material. Perfect for the slightly warmer weather. The blouse is a little optimistic, I know, but I love it. I love the colour, the pattern and the shape.

cn57459615X_32438_0647_3243806470004 131-085-G38s

From left to right: Broken In Straight Khaki’s – Gap, Cotton Capri Trousers – La Redoute and Jacquard Trousers – Next. Gap EU have a special offer on their khaki’s at the moment, I picked these because I liked the colour, it is very springy, isn’t it? I really like the shape, and the fact that shorties like me can roll up the hem. The La Redoute trousers are stretch cotton, so would be comfy. They also come in a wide range of colours. The pink Next trews I have mentioned before, but I love them. I’d never have the guts to wear them, I don’t think, but I still love them. The colour, the pattern, the shape… They come in navy, grey and peach as well as petite, tall and regular. Next don’t always get it right, but they certainly have here!

There we have it, a tentative nod to spring. Woo hoo.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps!

Todays Outfit

Shropshire-20130407-00879 Shropshire-20130407-00876 Shropshire-20130407-00874

Chinos – Fat Face sale

Top – H&M (no surprise)

Pineapple canvas shoes – Amazon

Ahhhh, so nice to not need a zillion layers, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “There’s A Spring In My Step

  1. It’s like looking at everything with fresh eyes isn’t it? And sometimes things which weren’t quite right previously suddenly looking great and new depending on how you choose to wear them. Thank goodness for the trend of turning everything up at the moment – it helps me no end with trouser lengths.

    Love today’s outfit. The colours are great – a gentle way to welcome in spring.

    • Thank you, I’ve been desperate to wear my chinos but they don’t look right with boots or hightops. So bring on the oxford pumps and ballet flats!

      The spring makes everything look wearable, again. Like having a whole new wardrobe. It’s ace.

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