Decisions, Decisions…

On Wednesday I am going to the hairdressers to dye my hair. I am undecided.

IMG-20130330-00789This is me.

So, because I cannot possibly know my own mind, I am putting myself into your hands!

chestnut-hair-color Ashlee Simpson special CD signing in Farmingdale, New York City images

Photo Credit: Left – Centre – Right

All have pro’s and cons.

You help me, please decide.


Update: I went, spoke to the stylist and we decided on caramel highlights, because my hair is already quite red – cheers mum and dad – it has just lifted it. I’m really pleased!

Thank you for your votes.

6 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions…

  1. It’s funny, I went straight for the amber as I see you being game for a nice bright colour – you don’t like to blend in too much. However, I can see where everyone else is coming from with some softer tones for your hair with it being summer and all that but you have paler colouring and I always thing redheads and pale skin make a fabulous combination. As long as it’s scarlet … :o(

  2. I do like red. I have an awful lot of natural red in my hair anyway, so it gives everything a reddish tint anyway, plus, The Man likes red hair. Blonde is always a bit tougher, it can make me a bit washed out. BUT I had highlights this time last year and it looked lovely.

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