You Wear It Well!

I have always been pretty unadventurous where clothes are concerned. I have been rocking the student/grunge/twilight look since Bella Swan was an itch in Meyer’s pen, and aside from the odd foray into vintage-wear (usually in the summer, or for weddings) I have left the scarier trends to others. Call it fear, call it comfort, call it pigheadedness, but I always looked at things like jumpsuits as something best left to the younger generation. Until last week.


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I was looking through Ebay for something totally different, and up popped a Warehouse jumpsuit with seconds to go. I made a bid and won. Anyway, it arrived and I got a bit scared. I did what no one should ever do, I tried it on when I was in a bad mood, ill and without a bra. I looked horrendous. So, I contemplated re-selling to someone who was tall, willowy and looked less like an Oompa Loompa.


 Photo Credit

Anyway, today I stomped upstairs, camera in hand, to take photos of the bloody thing. Then, something wonderful happened. I felt the material of the top. It’s silky and has an exposed zip, I love the sleeves and the wide, high neck would hide my knobbly ribs pretty well. the bottom is soft jersey, cut in a harem style (eek) but the ankle is narrow enough for me to ruche up the bottom to hide the fact that I am about 3 inches too short for it. So, being in a better mood, I tried it on and it looked great. In fact,  I tried it in three different ways and its hard to tell which look I like the best.

Look One – the “What, this old thing?”

Shropshire-20130406-00836 Shropshire-20130406-00837 Shropshire-20130406-00838Shropshire-20130406-00840 Shropshire-20130406-00845

Bronze pumps (Primark, last year) stop it looking like I’m about to go to bed with a dummy and a bottle, while the belt and necklace are nice and simple. The jumpsuit makes enough of a statement on its own, and for general wear, it’s always best to keep it as understated as possible.

Look Two – the “Lunch, Dahling?”

Shropshire-20130406-00854 Shropshire-20130406-00867 Shropshire-20130406-00858 IMG-20130406-00855 Shropshire-20130406-00866

Charcoal jumpsuit. It’s just screaming out for a bit of colour, isn’t it? That’s where accessories come in. A bright belt (the brighter, the better) a bright bag, a big or chunky necklace… All make it more Tough Girls than Bad Girls. The shoe boots are wedges, which make them easier to walk in than “proper” heels, throw on a biker jacket and I’m good to go. Although, realistically, I’m more likely to go to MacDonalds than a lovely bistro.

Look Three – the “no photos please, I just want a normal life”

Shropshire-20130406-00862 Shropshire-20130406-00865 IMG-20130406-00864IMG-20130406-00863

Let’s face it, I shan’t be wearing this particular outfit too often. Great as it is (especially the boots – how I love those shoe boots) I can’t walk the dog like this. But, the added inches from the heels and platform, the patent skinny belt (not seen) and the statement necklace all work pretty well. It’d be perfect for a rare night out, not weddings or posh restaurants, but meeting friends in a bar. I can see it worn with red lipstick and nails, and my hair in a side ponytail. Fab. And totally age appropriate!

You are as old as you want to feel, if you dress like a frumpy 65 year old librarian at 35 – well, you will look like one. Sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a little.

And I seem to have talked myself into keeping my jumpsuit. Bring on the nice weather, I’m going to show the tall, willowy, non-Oompa 20 year olds how it’s done!

Todays Outfit

IMG-20130406-00830 IMG-20130406-00831 IMG-20130406-00834

Cords and vest are from TopShop, the trainers are from TK Maxx, the shirt is Primark and the necklace is from Warehouse. No make up today, its my natural day and hair is in a ponytail. I’ve been using Percy Reed No Oil Volumising Oil on my hair before drying it, and I have to say, it’s wonderful. My hair has never looked and felt this good. It’s not cheap, but you only use a tiny bit and it’s so worth it. Cross my heart and kiss my elbow.

Well, I’m off to walk the dog, until next time, Happy Fabulizing Peeps!

4 thoughts on “You Wear It Well!

    • Thank you, I am truly smitten now. I actually have a bright pink blazer that could work. Isn’t it odd how scared we are of looking silly, I’ve always been a bit intimidated by jumpsuits. I’m short and in my 30’s. But with the right accessories, it works. I love it!!

    • Thank you. I sort of talked myself into it, the more I styled it, themore I matched it up, the more I liked it. I also have an ace neon orange skinny belt and an aztec style necklace that I put with grey boots and it looked brill. It was only £8 delivered too. Bargain!

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