If I Were A Rich Girl #3

I have once again been browsing the upper echelons of fashion. Drooling at the things that I wish I had and sighing at the things that I will never afford. Some things are Just Not Practical. Some things are Far Too Pretty. And some things are Just Too Pricey. I can’t afford designer wares. Nor, to be fair, can most people. There’s little enough month left at the end of our money, without me “investing” in things that are cool for a season or two, and look dated within months, yet cost more than my gas bill. See, I know that some people swear by designer. The Man loves his labels (not that he gets chance to indulge that love), but I have never been that fussed about who made my clothes. There are always alternatives to the most droolsome of designer-wear.

ImageRalph Lauren Suede Dress


Diane Von Furstenberg Keyroon Jacket


 Burberry Lace Biker Jacket

I love these. All of them, but especially the biker jacket. It’s so cool that for a brief moment I considered selling an organ, just so I could possess it. But that is silly. And painful. So, instead, like the good little blogger I am, I found some cashflow-cuddly counterparts.

Image Closet-Textured-Panel-Shift-Dress~66T149FRSP_W02

Mock Suede Dress from Promod – £16.00 or Textured Dress from Freemans – £24.00


Rust Boyfriend Blazer Dorothy Perkins – £30.00


Lace Biker Jacket Miss Selfridge – £39.00

Ok, so the suede dress, in particular, doesn’t look as good as the designer one, but they aren’t bad. The Dotty P’s jacket is fab and the lace biker jacket is pretty damned cool, and definitely something I would happily wear.

I really like lace. Its pretty, feminine and versatile. If the weather ever warms up (ha) I will be wearing a lot of lace. I found a rather lovely lace top by Stella McCartney. Only £715. Good, eh? But, I also found a white lace top on Ebay for £36.32 delivered (from the States)

WOHATP800005IVO_1_large $T2eC16RHJF8E9nnC7QfcBRUq4IiS6!~~60_12

Stella McCartney Top at Matches and Ebay Alternative

I’m rather partial to bright trousers. Especially cigarette shaped trews, They are cheerful and preppy and remind me of the summer. They seem to be all over the place. Stella McCartney has released a rather gorgeous jacquard pair for a mere £515. Happily, so has Next for the rather more reasonable £32.00, and H&M have a plain pair for £24.99. Happy days!

WOHATS800007PNK_1_large 131-085-G38s hmprod (3)

From left to right: Stella McCartney for Matches, Next and H&M

Not bad eh? So, next time you are reading a magazine and ogling the unattainable clothes, go to Google and look around!

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps.

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