Back To Basics!

A short post today, The Boy is off school and about to hit the Holiday Boredom Wall, so I will have to play the supermum role.


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I’m slowly trying to replace all of my basic tops. They get worn and worn until they get holey, stained beyond rescue and frayed. The same thing would happen whether I spent £40 on them, or £4. The only difference is the level of  rage I would feel upon wrecking them. You may have gathered that my favourite basics come from H&M. They are a good fit, wash extremely well and come in a wide enough range of colours, plus if you order online there are always some great discount codes floating around, I don’t like spending a huge amount on something so ordinary.

  13WSPR_WL732_NAV 5X_32438_4411

From left to right:

Splendid Tee from TopBop, Breton Tee from Boden and a Fisherman Tee from La Redoute

These are all different prices, I know that not everyone is as tight-fisted as I am, and I do like the length on the Splendid tee. I suppose it comes down to material, I like quite lightweight fabric when it comes to my basics. I usually wear them under jumpers or blazers so the lighter and softer the material, the better. Today I’m wearing this one from H&M, it’s lovely and soft (almost like a sweatshirt inside), quite long and very comfy. I will also be filling my drawers with these tops I’ve bought them many times before and they are great.

hmprod (2) hmprod (1)

There we have it. Basics. They aren’t fancy, they won’t set the world of fashion alight, but by god, I do love ’em. If only for their versatility. And what mum doesn’t worship versatility?

Todays Outfit

Shropshire-20130402-00817 Shropshire-20130402-00821 Shropshire-20130402-00826


Blazer and top, both from H&M

Jeans are my adored and beloved baxters

Scarf from Ebay (told you I’d get an alternative)

Boots and necklace are both so old that I don’t remember where they are from.

Polish is Essie’s Camera, I love it. its so bright and cheerful.

There we are, a good old quickie. Until next time, Happy Fabulizing, peeps!

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