Building A Foundation!

I like makeup, but always feel a bit funny if I wear it. I feel as though I’m wearing a mask. However, in the interests of Fabulizing, I have decided that I need to start wearing makeup more regularly, I’m not 20 anymore and while my skin isn’t bad, all things considered, I do have eye rings that look like I’ve had a nose job. No amount of eyecreams, gels, or serums can get rid of them, they are hereditary and, much like my height, I have to live with it.


Thats where concealers and highlighters come in. I don’t use Touche Eclat (being a skinflint ‘n all), but I do use cheap alternatives. My current favourite is Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Touch Concealer. It blends well on my skin, lasts all day, and does exactly what it’s supposed to without leaving flakey patches around my eyes. But, I’m not particularly loyal. I will try most things, just in case I am missing out on a gem. When you have one tone skin like me, every single blemish shines like beacon. It’s great. Honest.

Makeup-less Me.

Makeup-less Me.

Primers seem to be a big deal at the moment, and while they are expensive (well, the good ones) it’s easy to see why. I’ve been sticking to sample sizes and just using them under my makeup if I have a particularly long day ahead, or am going somewhere special. I have a strict budget and, tbh, I like sticking to it. That said, wearing a primer does make a difference. They just add a touch of luminosity to your skin. A subtle glow. Products like Benefit’s Porefressional are brilliant, but I quite like L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets Primer, its a decent enough alternative. But, and this is just me, I find that using a BB cream does a good enough job on its own.

Not everyone loves BB cream like I do. I know that many can be greasy, too shiny and simply not offer enough coverage. It’s, like with everything else, all down to finding the right one for you. I am smitten (if you can be smitten with a makeup product) with No7 BB Cream for normal/oily skin. I find that it offers just the right amount of coverage for me, most days that is, It’s the right balance between a tinted moisturiser (what’s the point?) and full on foundation. It also gives my skin a nice dewiness that you just don’t get from foundation. This makes it better for day to day, natural makeup.

Natural makeup with BB Cream

Natural makeup with BB Cream

Of course, you don’t want to look like a 16 year old milkmaid everyday (deluded? me?) and, sometimes you want to vamp it up a bit. I’ve never been able to get the hang of smoky eyes etc, I can cope with bright lips now, but heavier eye makeup is a bit daunting and something that I will give another go later in the week. However, its the base that really counts. I love the look of darker  eye makeup against pale, matte skin. After all, the focus should be your eyes, not your cheeks or the spot you’ve got breaking through for that matter! In that case you need a foundation that you are comfortable with, that matches your skin tone perfectly and feels nice. I adore Clarins True Comfort, but its been discontinued and I can’t find it for a decent price. For all my stinginess though, I would rather spend a bit more on the foundation than the rest of my makeup.


Spot the difference

See, it’s like anything. Once the basics are in place, everything else looks so much better. Even if you are a bit chicken.

Todays Outfit

IMG-20130331-00810 IMG-20130331-00806 IMG-20130331-00813

Jeans are my beloved Baxters, boots are from Ebay, top is an oldie that I have cut the label out of. I have no idea where it’s from but I like the dipped back, it just makes it a little funkier. The necklace was from East and I love it. You will be seeing a lot more of it in the future. I know it’s not an exciting outfit, but it’s really comfy and I feel nice in it.

Hope you’ve had a great Easter, and Happy Fabulizing!

2 thoughts on “Building A Foundation!

  1. lissie go to a bobbi brown counter they have changed my life i have the most amazing foundation yes it was 22 quid but its lasted 6 months n still going strong. mouisture rich is fAB DOESNT MAKE ME SPOTTY OR OILY and stays on all day x

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