Come Into My Layer


I know it’s only March. I know that Easter is early this year. I know all that, but I miss the Spring. I want to wear nice dresses instead of my cords or jeans. I want to wear shoes or pumps instead of my wellies and biker boots. I want to wear cute jackets instead of big duffel coats. But, above all else, I just want to be warm.

So, when I should be browsing sweet sundresses and colourful camisoles, instead I am brooding over slovenly sweaters and comfy cardigans. Sue over at my favourite blog, Susie SoSo, posted a hopeful/wishful outfit the other day. A sort of “this is what I would wear”. I wish I had that vision, I can’t seem to look past the current weather. So, I’m going to talk about layers. The best way to keep warm in the current climate. Sadly.

friends_302_joey_chandlers_clothesPhoto Credit


Now, layers can look a bit bulky. While being warm is a priority (after all, a blue face and chattering teeth is never a good look) I doubt anyone wants to look like they have been taking anabolic steroids. This is where different sleeve lengths and fabrics come in handy. And of course, getting the right tops for layering. My favourite layered outfit is the one I am wearing today. Long-sleeved tee, loose-fitting 3/4 sleeve jumper and jeans. H&M is my favourite place for basic t-shirts. They wash well, last well and don’t cost the earth. I find that they have a far better range instore than online, but this is probably the best one for £7.99. While they also have a fab fine knit jumper for £12.99, that I have my beady eye on.

hmprod hmprod (7)

Team this with a pair of straight leg or skinny jeans, a pair of boots and a scarf, and hey presto! Warmth.

Denim shirts are also great for layering. I always go a size up, so you don’t get that classy gaping at the bust look, but also so that you can wear layers comfortably underneath. I love my denim shirt, but you really need a slimmer fitting top underneath, otherwise there’s too much fabric. This top from H&M is slimmer fitting than the one above, and this shirt from New Look is only £16.99. I like it in the pale denim. One of the things I love about denim shirts is the fact that you can wear bright statement necklaces with them. They are dressed down enough to handle a bit of bling.

.hmprod (8)  264970740IMG-20130327-00737 IMG-20130327-00738

Of course, There’s always the checked shirt, which is a good alternative to the denim. And, lets face it, the 90’s Grunge revival has done us a huge favour here. The shops are full of denim and checked shirts. I rather like this one from House of Fraser, for £23.00. Checked shirts also look good underneath jumpers. A look I find hard to pull off (I end up looking boyish) but it is warm…

I_175980404_00_20121129 IMG-20130327-00731 IMG-20130327-00770

And, if the grungey twilight look doesnt float your boat , you can stick with fine tops and/or cardigans. I can’t wait for the snow to melt so that I can wear my burgundy chinos and oxford pumps. But they really need fine, loose fitting tops like this one from H&M (again) which I wear with a vest underneath and a jersey cardigan like this from Chiara on top.

hmprod (9) b-dark-grey-long-sleeve-jersey-cardigan-w-pockets-charcoal-8463IMG-20130327-00750

There you have it, layers. No need to look bulky in them after all. It just boils down to the right basics. Every high street store has a range of perfectly good basic tops, Primark is very good, and you can even layer your basic tops to make them a bit more interesting.

For what it’s worth, I did try on a couple of outfits for the spring, just because. Both are several years old (in fact the burgundy T-Bar shoes were ones that I wore to work, 8 years ago) and both raised my spirits massively. Even if I did have to get changed back into my jeans.

IMG-20130327-00768 IMG-20130327-00754

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing Peeps!

Todays Outfit

IMG-20130326-00718 IMG-20130326-00720 IMG-20130327-00727

Jeans are my faithful Baxters, I should start looking for a new favourite before I wear these to pieces, the tee is from Primark, the Jumper was an Ebay find but is River Island, while the boots are old Hush Puppy bikers, and are great on icy ground. Ooooh, and in Scarved For Life I talked about my need for a map scarf, well I managed to get one from Ebay for just £4.99. Result!

IMG-20130327-00724 IMG-20130327-00725

I am happy. Just need the snow to melt so that I can show it off!

2 thoughts on “Come Into My Layer

  1. Oh thank you for the shout out – that’s really kind and I’m glad you enjoy the read. It was very wishful wasn’t it? Swedish Hasbeens, bare legs and all that. But never fear, I’m not a total loon and I’ve layered up since. I wore two thermals the other day! I tried layering a thin jumper under a shirt the other day – that works too!

    I like the twilight grunge look actually – it appeals to my inner grump and breton stripes are always cheering aren’t they. I kept the top on from the other day and it did make me feel better and more springlike – even if it was beneath a big chunky cardi.

    And good result on the map scarf. Now let’s see how good you really at googling and see if you can track down the Zara scarf! or equivalent.

    • 😀 No problem, I meant it! I spent an hour yesterday trying on/admiring my spring/summery clothes. Then another hour sulking. Nowt wrong with hoping though!

      I like the grungey twilight look too, I was very grungey in my youth and never quite shook that style, so all the checked and denim shirts, band tee’s, clunky boots with mini skirts/shorts etc are right up my street.

      And thank you, its a bit of a result, I’m quite pleased. I’m pretty good at finding alternatives to things I want/need.

      Challenge Accepted! 😉

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