Scarved For Life

Scarves. Until recently I couldn’t bring myself to wear them. They just looked so grown up and polished, I was sure that I looked like a fraud and would end up being laughed  at by the real grown ups. But, slowly, I have been building up my confidence and my scarf catalogue, until I can happily throw on a scarf to finish an outfit off.



I have rhapsodised at length about my beloved leopard print scarf. I love it. The fabric is gorgeous, it goes with almost everything and it adds a little personality. It’s also long and wide enough to bulk out, I find that if a scarf is too thin it doesn’t look at all right. Parenting forum, Mumsnet, is full of threads about similar scarves, it even earned the title “The Mumsnet Scarf” among users. Of course, there are people who don’t like it. Who abhor leopard/animal prints and think they look tacky. I’m not one of them.


Now, this is going on my Need List. I really like grey, especially in scarves. And the pattern is a nice twist on the bird print that still seems to be everywhere. It’s on sale at the moment, and only £15. Warehouse always seems to have some fabulous scarves. I’m also rather keen on this map print beauty, I’m a bit of a skinflint though and not sure I want to spend over £20 on a scarf. So it’s off to Google I go.

3063074399 3063074399_2 19S12DBLE_normal

 I have found a slightly cheaper alternative (the blue) for £18 from Topshop, it doesn’t look as long though. And there’s the problem with buying online, you don’t know exactly what you are getting. Sometimes that’s a good thing, I have bought numerous scarves from either Ebay or Amazon for very little and been pleasantly surprised. One win was this zebra print scarf from Amazon, I’ve not got much use out of it through the winter, but I shall be wearing it a fair bit if spring ever comes.


Stars are also a good print to adopt. I have one in peach that reminds me of summer. It’s light, bright and cheery. I don’t even remember where I bought it, but until recently, as I said, I was too scared to bite the bullet and give it a go. Now I can’t wait for the snow to stop, and the sun to come out, so I can show it off, along with my others…

003 005 006

007 012 015

I’ve found a site called Got To Have It and they have some great scarves in there, for not very much at all. Especially compared to some places. These are my favourites.



The thing is, you don’t need to spend a fortune on scarves and they are a great way to update an outfit quickly. There are also thousands of scarf tutorials out there, who knew there were so many different ways to tie your scarf? This braided scarf technique by Kayley Herringa at Sidewalk Ready is my favourite. Scarves are the ultimate finishing touch. So, don’t be scared, if I can do it, anyone can.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing, peeps

2 thoughts on “Scarved For Life

  1. I love scarves but I’ve been slowly weaning myself off them a little – I was finding myself to have a huge dependency on them and felt naked without one around my neck. I’ve worn them from the old working days and was always known for having a pashmina around my neck (when they were all the rage) and even now I drag the odd one out but worn as a drapey scarf instead. I have the zebra print one (from Primark) so I did not break the budget there but mine is khaki and I really like that one. I had the mumsnet scarf too but just sold that to a friend but do still have a purple version of it as well. The map one from Warehouse and the unusual pelican one are nice. I’m a bit strange – I’m not scared to splash out a bit extra on a scarf – I do think they add a finishing touch. You can put on a plain top which costs £3 but a fabulous scarf will add that something which lifts the whole outfit. And I pay a little more sometimes to have something which not everyone has.

    • Ah, that’s an excellent point! I’m a tightwad in general, but have found that, generally, the more expensive scarves do look better. I’ve just bought a map of the world one on ebay (thank god for auctions) and have been hankering after one with circus scenes on. Problem is, its quite expensive and I have a sort of price cap for on here. But, I have emailed it to The Man, our anniversary is in a month. 😉 I am so getting the crane scarf though, I want to check our local H+M first.

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