Blazer Of Glory.

If there’s a trend that the mums of the UK have embraced wholeheartedly, it’s the blazer. All over the British Isles, women in their 30’s and 40’s have been donning their jackets, rolling up their sleeves and dressing down their working wardrobe. I love blazers, I have four in total, all very different but have earned their place in my wardrobe, and as we move into spring they will only be more valuable.

There are some really brilliant blazers out there, I love this one from H&M. I’ve just spent a happy half hour on the “try it on” page, dressing the model and finding an outfit to go with it.    I have settled on these items to wear with it.


Image Image

All from H&M

I’ve just happened upon this little beauty from River Island, for the bargainous price of £20. Zebra prints are a nice step away from the traditional animal print, less Bet Lynch-ey than leopard print, and the texture makes it look modern and cool. Safe to say, I’m pretty smitten with it. It would look great with a pair of straight leg or boyfriend jeans, rolled up, wedge heels and a loose charcoal top  maybe with a bright necklace too, just to funk it up a bit. Anyway, it’s totally on my “need” list.


I’ve recently found Dutch Site, and, while I’ve not bought from them yet, some of their stuff looks really great, and not too pricey either. Like this neon blazer. I love the fact that there aren’t any lapels and its so fitted.


If you fancy something a bit more… Classic, then this boucle jacket from Miss Selfridge is £35, the pastel colours and retro shape make it perfect for the coming spring and summer. It’s reminiscent of iced tea, frilly aprons and garden parties. Again, worn with a pair of distressed jeans and a grey marl top, this stops being too prim and becomes cool.


I like wearing very casual tops under my blazers, and jeans. NOT bootcuts, I stick with my trusty skinnies or straight legs. The trick is to not look too worky and add a bit of an edge to the outfit. I have a fab Reiss top that is made of sweatshirt material and has a pleather trim. Its loose fit and casual fabric de-formalises a jacket, while the pleather trim adds a bit of rocky edge. In fact, looking at it now I can see it with the River Island jacket. Another reason for me to get it…


Alternatively, a loose fitting striped or plain top (I’m partial to grey marl and charcoal) works equally well. The type that you find in just about any shops basic range.

IMG-20130206-00398 IMG-20130221-00568 Shropshire-20130318-00703

Another thing I like about blazers, is that they work well with my (far too many) scarves. Looking back, I am clearly a bit keen on the blazer/striped top/scarf combo, you can’t beat a scarf to add personality. A bit of brightness or animal print makes it stand out a bit. That’s if you can cope with scarves, its taken me a while to stop being scared of them. But, more on that another day. The point is, even if a trend has been adopted by a certain section of the public, you can still make it work for you. But, if I ever refer to myself as a yummy mummy, please, throw me into a large shark tank.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing Peeps!

3 thoughts on “Blazer Of Glory.

  1. I’m rather late to the game as I gave up on blazers after leaving work but have resolved to include a few more in my wardrobe this year. I have a lovely black blazer from H&M Trend which I am more than a little pleased with. Once I have the sleeves taken up to fit – it will be just perfect (I nearly always have to alter sleeves).

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