If I Were A Rich Girl – Part 2.

Yesterday I wrote a post about finding a pocket friendly alternative to designer clothes, and while I was trawling the drool-worthy “pieces”, my eye was naturally caught by the accessories. Mainly the shoes. I love shoes. Some shoes are practically art. Practical art, after all, you can’t wear a painting.


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Anyway, I thought it might be a good idea to expand on the theme, and find frugal finishing touches, so you don’t have to spend like a aristocrat to acquire the right accessories. First up, boots. Boots are incredibly versatile and are my footwear of choice most day. As you know, I like a bit of animal print. Not loads, and mainly in accessories, but I do like it. So, these boots by Charlotte Olympia, at a staggering £645, appealed to my inner Bet Lynch.

ImageI realise that they aren’t for everyone, but I can just see myself strutting down the street, wearing them with my skinnies, a black silk/jersey mix t-shirt and oversized sunglasses (I may have thought about this far too much). But, I quite like being able to afford to eat, have a home and pay my bills. So it makes far more financial sense to go for these ones from Ebay at the bargainous price of £19.99.

ImageAnother of my favourite looks is the studded ankle boot. I am on the look out for a pair of black ankle boots, I tend to buy lots of brown boots, leaving me black-boot-less. I am rather taken by these little beauties by Chloe, practical, cool, just edgy enough to lose the mum-bootness. If only I had a spare £800…

ImageA girl can dream, right? Or, alternatively spend £45 on these visions of loveliness from Debenhams, I love them. I seriously do. There were lots of passable alternatives, but Red Herring are a good brand and I can see myself wearing these ’til they fall apart.

ImageNext up, the knee high. I don’t look great in knee highs. My knees are too knobbly and my ankles are too skinny. But I love them. I love the casual sexiness that they exude, and especially the wedge boots. My favourites are these Louboutins. Where do I start? The colour? The blended wedge? The feminine shape? Put all together they create a boot I shall dream about. In my dreams is where they shall stay. £1,165. A thousand pounds more than my wedding dress cost.


Alas, it was not meant to be. Farewell my lovelies, for I have found a replacement. For a mere £41 (in the sale, no less) these boots from Dune are strikingly similar (minus the red sole) and, lets face it, you won’t be too scared to wear them.

SHAVONNE-0218500620001010_MAIN (1)

A trend I’m very pleased about, is the slipper. I like comfy shoes. I find walking in heels rather difficult, so the effortless cool of the slipper appeals muchly. In my travels I spotted these studded Jimmy Choo’s, at the bargainous <cough> price of £450.

ImageSince the studded trend is obviously going nowhere and they look ridiculously comfy, I have been hunting for something within my much lower budget. Luckily, New Look has got a rather convincing alternative, at the far friendlier price of £15.99.Image

I am rather taken with these Stubbs and Wootten slippers, they are quirky and fun and well, just fab. They remind me of holidays, denim shorts and floaty white skirts. Walking by the sea, the warmth and relaxation. Ahhhh.


Oh, the prettiness. But, at £330, out of my price range. By about £300. So, instead, I shall be purchasing these ones from Bank. For the princely sum of ten English pounds. That’s right, £10. These would work so well with rolled up straight leg jeans, or a pair of chinos. Whats more, with the different colours used, you could wear them with most things.

005414b12And, finally, to cheer you up, these gorgeous slippers by Avec Moderation are my favourite colour for this season. I really, really like them. A lot. I can see them working with an a-line mini skirt, a sort of cool preppiness that would really brighten your day. Pimms and lemonade, v-neck jumpers and Halston scarves. I told you, I think far too much about these things.


However, I have since stumbled upon these alternatives from Asos, ok, so they aren’t python print. But chinese embroidery is still very popular, and these are elegant, pretty and look achingly comfortable. In fact, I have them bookmarked, ready to buy on payday.

image1xl (2)

So, there we have it, a selection of Very Expensive Shoes and their Far Cheaper Alternatives. Just call me the Boudica of bargains. Or Queen of the Skinflints. Either is good.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps!

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