If I Were a Rich Girl

Falalalalalalalaaaa. This song has been running around my head for the last couple of days as I read magazines and played “I Won The Lottery, What Shall I Buy”. Starting with an achingly gorgeous orange silk shirt dress by Tory Burch at The Outnet, a lush green wrap maxi dress by Diane Von Furstenburg and a polka dot, pussy bow neck silk dress by Marni

294949_in_xl 353486_in_xl 291749_in_xl

All are over £100 and way out of my price range. So I started looking for alternatives. The orange shirt dress has a twin over at Tesco for £25, just add a belt and you’re good to go. An alternative to the green maxi dress is this one, which at the moment I can only find on Ebay. The good news is though, its all over Ebay. The spotty one was harder to find an alternative for, but I found this dress from House of Fraser, no polka dots… ok, it’s nothing like Marni one, but I like the bird pattern.

jg311180_pm $(KGrHqF,!nkFB(E5I1zGBRGo8prHjw~~60_35 I_180840368_00_20130125

Tops are even easier to find alternatives for. This bird print top costs £59 in East, while a similar one is only £17.50 in M&S

SS131020011ENSIGN 41ABqtYFi2L._SX280_SY418_SH35_

These Jason Wu trousers have caught my eye, but these ones from Asos are a far more realistic price.

179156_in_xl image1xl

When I started writing this blog I set in my own head a price limit. Skincare and beauty had to be less than £30, and that’s the absolute maximum, in reality I rarely pay over a fiver. Clothes and shoes less than £50, and for me to pay £50 it would have to be pretty spectacular. I’m a high street-bargain basementer through and through. I even enjoy searching for bargains or cheaper alternatives. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some serious browsing to do!! 😉

What do you think? Are you High End or High Street?

Todays Outfit

IMG-20130309-00680 IMG-20130309-00681

This top is very Cath Kidston, isn’t it? Its languished in my drawer for a couple of years and today I looked at it and thought “wow, isn’t that cheerful” so on it went. It was from Next Kids (a bonus to being titchy) and is very soft. Jeans are my old, too big Baxters, see, they look like straight legs, not skinnies. And, of course, my Gola Hi Tops. Tomorrow is mothers day, d’ya think I’ll get a lie in and a soak in the bath to do some fabulizing? Here’s hoping – Happy mothers day!

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps.

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