Free Your Mind!

We all like a bargain. It may not come as a surprise to you that I get very excited about freebies, in particular. In fact, they please me so much that I will often buy several copies of a magazine, that I don’t really want and give to the local hospital, to get the full set of freebies. So far this month I have purchased Marie Claire for the Burts Bees hand cream, Glamour for the Percy Reed hair goodies I got the Volumizing oil, it’s lovely, and for the first time in years I bought Cosmo for the Elemis products, I got the lip balm which is just gorgeous.

freebies (1)
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I know the reason they offer such riches is in hope that you will be so entranced by the product that you will buy it again (I know that I fell for the Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture after getting a tube free in a magazine) and you will buy the magazine for the gift and enjoy reading it so buy it again. A simple idea that works so well and gives us the chance to try new products that would normally be out of our price range, or we just wouldn’t consider. In the past I’ve had Benefit products, L’Occtaine, Ren and Nails Inc. None of which I would have thought of trying before, I grew up in a time when everyone wore Rimmel (ah, Heather Shimmer) which put me off make up for a long time. Freebies have helped me to discover different brands, better brands, without huge initial outlay. If I like them, I can always buy them (although rarely at the RRP) if I don’t then I’m no worse off.

IMG-20130308-00670 IMG-20130308-00674
IMG-20130308-00673 IMG-20130308-00671

Freebies are ace. I would definitely buy many of these products again, in fact, the Nails Inc freebies helped spark my love affair with nail polish. I’ve already mentioned my adoration for Neals Yard and the Burts Bee’s hand cream has done nothing to dampen my ardour. The Benefit cheek tint, Benetint, introduced me to the joy that is the tint rather than powder blushers while the Ren travel products are great for holidays, along with the sunglasses. There you have it, a plethora of promotional products, marketing has done its job, everyone’s happy.

Except my poor husband.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps!

Today’s Outfit

IMG-20130308-00669 IMG-20130308-00675

These jeans are very old, they are the first pair of Baxters that I ever bought and you can tell how the jean has changed in the last five years. Mainly wrt elasticity, these jeans aren’t as stretchy as my newer ones. In fact, they are much thicker. A size 10 (I’m normally an 8) they are slim straight leg rather than skinny, and I think they are going to be my alternative to the boyfriend jean, which, lets face it, is one look I will never be able to rock. The sweatshirt is from H&M online, I have it in grey as well, but I prefer the blue marl. It’s very soft and warm, in fact, I’m tempted to splash out on another. I won’t tell if you won’t. Pink vest underneath for a bit of colour and extra warmth (we don’t have double glazing) and my favourite bright pink belt…. just because.

Shoes are blue Gola’s that I got from TK Maxx and are like wearing slippers.

Make up free day today, after yesterdays experimentation. But I definitely need some better glasses, I can’t stand the idea of contacts so glasses it is. Let the hunt begin!

2 thoughts on “Free Your Mind!

  1. I’ve got the same blue sweatshirt from H&M and it is fabulously soft and comfy but I have one gripe – it’s starting to pill a little on the sides where my arms rub and this is due to the polyester content (probably explains the softness). The grey version has no polyester so should hopefully last better but I’ve not purchased this one as yet. But if I purchase, I’m a little wiser for next time.

    Strange but I can’t work proper skinny jeans and here you are struggling with the boyfriends – good thing there are so many styles to go round. But interesting to know that the shapes have changed in the Topshop jeans even though the names remain the same.

  2. Really? Mines new, so haven’t noticed that yet. There’s a definite difference in the texture between the grey and the blue, the grey is much stiffer. But at less than ¬£4, meh. I’m torn between the bright pink or the mint green. I’m a redhead so normally avoid pink, but it looks so HAPPY! In fact I may buy another grey and decorate it, get a tiger or zebra applique. Hmmmmm,

    Wrt the jeans, there’s a huge difference. The shape (the older ones have a wider ankle, so work better as v slim straights than skinnies, while the new ones are much slimmer on the hem), the weight of the denim and even the rise. I will never again just buy a pair without trying them on. I think the reason I can’t wear boyfriends is because I have no hips and bum. I’m like a bloody ironing board, but with tree trunk thighs, so they look scruffy rather than effortless and as if I’ve bought the wrong size to account for my mahoosive legs. I read your post about them and you look great in them, there’s a woman at school who looks fab in them too. How I envy you both! It’s a look I would love to be able to pull off.

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