All Things Bright And Beautiful!

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Every year the magazines and catwalks are filled with bright colours, in make up or clothes, or even hair. I must admit, though, I’m a neutral kind of gal. I like shades of beige and nudes. The only really bright colours I wear are found on my nails, I like splashes of colour rather than full on attention seekingly head to toe hues of headache. I’d love the guts to wear more brights, I really would, but I’m a bit stuck and to be honest we live in a country that is cold and rainy. You’d think that we’d fight against that wouldn’t you? Try to liven up our duller days with a touch of happiness. So, my mission is to try a bit harder and bring a small shaft of sunshine to Shropshire. 

I’ve already touched (geddit?) on using nailpolish to introduce a bright spot of colour. We all have a favourite brand of polish, mines Essie and their brights are great. Wearable, durable and pigment rich. I’m currently lusting after these little beauties.

Image Image Image

Pictures from The Polishaholic the orange is called Action, the pink is called Lights and the red goes by Camera. All can be found for under a fiver delivered from

A lovely bright polish can lift any outfit, adding a touch of cheer to dull days. You really, really need to use a base and topcoat as well as buffing your tips and minimizing cuticles. Neatness is the key, and while it may seem daunting, it’s easy enough to tidy up any rogue splodges using a paintbrush dipped in polish remover.

If you’re not a fan of nailpolish or can’t wear it (I spent years in catering, my nails were always clean but colourless) you could follow the trend by wearing a brighter lipstick and keeping your eyes neutral. I love this lipgloss from Estee Lauder, it’s great for daily wear.

IMG-20130307-00637 IMG-20130307-00638
It’s bright, long lasting and has a lovely texture.

A great daily lipstick is this one from Clarins in Orange Confit.

IMG-20130307-00644 IMG-20130307-00646

I’ve always been wary of the higher end make up products, I am on a very limited budget and didn’t see the point in paying the extra. My financial circumstances haven’t changed, but I now see the advantage to spending a bit more. It feels so nice, and lasts so well. Without that flaky gunkiness that you get with cheaper lipsticks.

If you are feeling braver, you can try this lipstick from Avon in Lacy Mauve.

IMG-20130307-00633 IMG-20130307-00635

The texture isn’t as nice as the Clarins one, and it isn’t as durable, but the colour is just so bright and chirpy that I felt obliged to include it.

Bright eye makeup is a fair bit harder to pull off. It looks overdone for everyday wear, and can look horribly ageing on anyone over 25. I’ve had a go at it using No7 Stay Perfect liquid eyeliner in Mermaid and Seventeen Eyes in Viva Diva with a basic cream on the brow. I just built up the colour at the corners and used Avon Super Shock mascara in black for the lashes. With hindsight, I think a coloured mascara would have worked better, but I don’t have one, maybe brown would have done the trick?

IMG-20130307-00648 IMG-20130307-00649

Teamed with a light, clear lip balm the bright eyes look a bit better, but I’m still not sure about it. Practice makes perfect though, and I shall continue trying to find a way to make it work for me.


Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps!

Today’s Outfit

IMG-20130307-00660 IMG-20130307-00654 IMG-20130307-00659

Ahhh, back into the comfort of my trusty cords! Cords may not be as versatile as jeans, and may conjure up images of your old geography teacher but they are so comfortable. None of the stiffness that you get with jeans, they are soft and warm. Plus, they wear pretty well.

Cords – TopShop
Long-sleeve tee – Primark, but H&M has some great alternatives
Shirt – Charity shop find, but from H&M
Boots – Ebay


My nails are in Essie’s Brooch The Subject with Seche Vite topcoat on the recommendation of a friend. I want my polish to last a couple of days, so I chose a nude for flexibility.

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