Bring On The Elves!

Ever gone into a shop and impulse bought something that was almost right… but not quite? I do that all the time, and for years my wardrobe was full of clothes that had the wrong straps, or missing buttons, or was too plain. Ebay is one of my addictions, I often buy something, it arrives and I look at it and think “meh”.

Then I started sewing. I collected tins full of buttons, ribbons and beads. And got creative. I often change buttons on things, to keep them fresh. I will use different belts and make subtle changes wherever possible. Maybe its because I’m easily bored, maybe I’m a perfectionist, either way, I enjoy fiddling with things.

Case in point, I bought a green satin bag from a charity shop. I bought it because I loved the colour, its a gorgeous, rich seagreen that goes perfectly with the stones in one of my favourite necklace. It cost me £4 and the potential was great.

IMG-20130221-00580 IMG-20130306-00625

All I did was cut off the cord strap, remove the 80’s bow and add some carefully chosen adornments. I got mine from East for the bargainous price of £3 and its huge and has loads of different sizes and shapes. But you can get them from anywhere. You can even dismantle old necklaces and bracelets. I used craft glue as well as good old needle and thread, to keep everything in place.

Another customized item of clothing is a skirt that was once a dress, it was one of those bizarre two in one skater dresses, you know the type, they don’t suit anyone over the age of 12. However, I loved the pattern on the skirt part and the style meant that it was very easy to take off the top.


I have a nice piece of material that I would quite like to turn into a pencil skirt, if I can find an easy enough pattern. I am still a fair bit off that though!

Moral of the story is, don’t give up. You can customize and achieve perfection easier than you would think.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps!

Today’s Outfit


Jeans and jumper both from TopShop.
Top from New Look
Scarf from Amazon

I love this outfit, it’s a way for adults to wear the grunge trend without looking too scruffy. And by God, it’s comfortable!

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