I like to move it, move it

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Okay, I have issues with my joints. There, I said it. This means that I have to be practical where clothes and accessories are concerned. Spindly, super high heels that make you stick your bum out and wiggle while you walk are a no go, unless I want to spend the following day in bed. I need to consider the fact that my joints could swell at any moment, giving my boots the air of an overstuffed sausage. 

I know I’m not alone in this, so this post is dedicated to finding a way to look good when your mobility isn’t great. From jewellery that doesn’t have those god awful fiddly clasps, to skinny trousers with zips at the ankle, and boots which are flexible enough to cope with swellings.

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First off, trousers. I love skinny leg trews. They suit me far better than flares and can be very comfortable. But, ever tried to pull a pair over a swollen ankle? It is not fun, so I keep these H+M zip ankle cords for rough days. They have sold out now, but a good alternative are these purple gap ones on ebay, these leggings from George at Asda, Zara has these little beauties, Asos has a fab pair of loose fitting trousers and M+M Direct have a pair of jeans. I love them all, and its great to have some detailing that you can wear with flats or boots.

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Shoes are difficult. They often need to be slip on, low or no heel and sturdy. The damage that heels can do to your feet and legs is well documented even without the added issues that I, and many others have. I tend to go for pull on boots and hi-tops, if they have a heel, then it will be a wedge or a block, to provide much needed support. I really love these boots by Rocket Dog, I have some which are similar and they are like wearing slippers outside. If you fancy something a bit smarter, or mid-calf, these from La Redoute have a low wooden heel which is nice and solid and distributes your weight fairly evenly.

I also mentioned jewellery. Specifically, necklaces. When my finger joints aren’t great, I end up wearing over the head necklaces, because the tiny clasp on standard necklaces and bracelets hurt and are frustrating. T-bar fastenings are great alternatives. Independant store, Tig Designs make their jewellery with an ornate T-bar fastener like the one below, I love this. Not only does it look prettier when your hair is tied up, but it’s much less fiddly.

IMG-20130220-00552 IMG-20130220-00551

It’s often difficult to explain to people, small ways that your life is changed by loss of mobility, but, I’ve certainly found that if I try harder, I feel better. And attractive as a day in my pj’s may seem, sometimes just getting dressed helps. Well, me anyway.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps!

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