Fabulizing Pitfalls!

I’ve really enjoyed fabulizing, I’ve rediscovered my love for writing, I’m interested in things again and have loads more confidence. However, all is not rosy in The House of Fab. My nails are showing the signs of wear and tear that comes from painting your nails regularly. So, what’s a girl to do? 

I have cut them very short to start off with. Very, very short. I have filed them with my glass file to reduce the risk of snagging. I am using proper hand cream, alternating between L’Occtaine rose petals hand cream and Elegance Natural Skin Care’s Manuka Honey hand cream in an attempt to improve the state of my hands and nails. My hands do feel fantastic, they are soft, smooth and delicate. But, my nails are still a bit of a mess. The only thing that will help is leaving them polishless for a while.

IMG-20130223-00597 IMG-20130223-00593

This makes sense, I know it does and a few years back, when I was a waitress and very strict about health and safety, etc, it wouldn’t have been a problem at all. But I love nail polish. It feels like I have finished an outfit if I have painted my nails. Polish can brighten an otherwise boring outfit, or add a touch of sophistication, or just make your look a bit more personal.

Photo Credit Seoul Nail Art

However, it’s tough to look pulled together and gorgeous with blood pouring from your thumb, thanks to an enormous split that made you feel a bit dizzy and cry. I am hunting for a nail strengthener that works. One that I can wear under polish, and that will help my nails to regain their past strength. Does such a thing exist? Surely, it must! So, the hunt begins. Wish me luck, I may need it!

Today’s Outfit

IMG-20130223-00592 IMG-20130223-00590

I thought I would try the boyfriend jeans out. See if they were worthy of the fuss surrounding them and if I could finally let go of my beloved baxters. I have drawn the following conclusion…


They are not terribly flattering. I understand the effortless cool thing that comes from scattered holes and bagginess, but, you know what, I’m naturally petite (ok, short and skinny) and clothes can look huge on me without actually searching too hard. I bought a six in the hope that they would be a bit more fitted and thank god I did,because the eight would have been clown-like.

But, and this is a fairly big but, they are comfortable. The denim is nice and heavy and you just know that after a few washes will be soft and comfy. There’s no material cutting in and I feel like I could eat a 3 course meal and a whole cake, without having to undo a button. For this I can cope with looking less than my best on days when The Boy and I are staying in the house, watching telly.

The sweatshirt is a bit of a find, tbh, normally £12.99 but on special offer at £3.99 and I can see it becoming one of my favourites for the spring. My pink belt will be coming out a lot, I feel. Its cheery and bright and makes me smile to look at it.

All in all, today is my rest day. A make up free day of reading, drinking herbal teas and giving my skin, hair and nails a break from fabulizing. They need it.

Sweatshirt – H+M
Jeans – Asos Collection

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