Blue Jean Baby…

I have been sorting through my jeans. Not my favourite job and it brings home how much I spend on clothes that aren’t perfect. See, we are all different shapes. Size is irrelevant, its shape that counts and jeans have to fit well. I wear my Baxters a LOT, they are comfortable and they fit me. In fact, TopShop jeans are my favourites, full stop. I’m quite short, so a lot of shops’ jeans and trousers are far too long on me. You’d think in that case, that petite clothes would be my best bet, wouldn’t you? Wrong. I have an inside leg of 30 inches, most petite trousers inseam are 28 inches. That is not a good look.


When it comes to jeans, we are pretty much spoiled for choice. So many different styles and types. Skinny, straight, jeggings, bootcut, slouchy boyfriend, slim boyfriend, boyfriend, baggy and carpenter. Magazines tell us that we need these jeans to stay ontrend, but I tend to find a jean I like and stick with it. I like TopShop Baxters and live in them. I love the way that boyfriend jeans look, I am naturally quite scruffy and they are perfect for dressing down. Sadly, I have no bum, so they just look too big. I’m actually currently on the hunt for a flattering pair of boyfriend jeans, it’s not easy!


Bootcuts are a bit generic for me, they aren’t as bad as straight leg jeans. Or as unflattering. But there are some people with non-carroty legs who look great in straight legs. As I said, it’s all down to shape. People often buy the wrong size jeans too, they are either too big or too small. A arse cleft is enough to put anyone off their tea, as is practically seeing someone’s groin. I think the trick is to be honest with yourself. To go for style over fashion and find a shop that works for your body type. And always, always try them on first.

Anyway, it’s time for a denim cull. I need to get rid of all the jeans that do nothing for me and look daft. They are taking up valuable space and while “keeping them for decorating” is a great idea in principle, in reality I don’t do enough decorating to merit a special pair of jeans.


I need to get rid of all the misshapen, ill-fitting, space sucking items that depress me when I cast my eye over them. And from now on only buy jeans that actually suit me.

Today’s Outfit.

IMG-20130218-00520 IMG-20130218-00519 IMG-20130218-00522

Today is a scruffy, no make up day. It’s the first day of the half term and I’m already shattered. So, because The Boy is playing on the wii in his battered, torn jeans and I am doing some writing and Very Busy on the internet, I have embraced the Meh look.

Jeans – TopShop
Top – H+M
Boots – Amazon
Jacket and scarf – Primark

I love my red jacket, it cheers me up and brightens anything. I have a feeling that I will be getting a lot of wear out of it this spring!

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps

4 thoughts on “Blue Jean Baby…

  1. My favourite pair of jeans at the moment is a M&S ‘cheap’ pair. I love them mainly because they are size 8 (go me!) but they also just fit me perfectly. Straight legged, and long enough. Like you I am petite, but have long legs, which can be difficult.

  2. I keep trying to go through my stash of jeans and cull but I never quite get there. Jeans are a funny business – what suits one is awful on another – I used to think I suited bootlegs when they were all the rage but now when I put them on I go a bit “arrghgh” what was I thinking. I tried them on again recently (first time in about 3-4 years) and I’m still not sold. I’m a bit of a loose skinny/straight girl these days. I have the carrotty leg syndrome so anything extra at the bottom which balances me out is fine by me.

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