The New Monochromantics

Monochrome. Doesn’t it sound dull? It seems that every season, every style piece in every magazine holds up black and white as the holy grail of trends. But, even the name sounds so boring and banal. So, to wear it you need to find a way that works for you.

You could use jewellery to introduce monochrome, I’m utterly smitten with this earring kit and this Ben De Lisi set from Debenhams

37484_BLST028434 s2526328c120_1 image2xl

I also love this tribal style necklace from Matalan, which is a bargain at £7.00, and this cute brooch from Asos. Meanwhile, this cuff from Mango makes me melt at its simplicity

Mango bracelet

Bags are another way to add a touch of black and white without going over the top. I’m currently hankering after this gorgeous satchel from Dorothy Perkins.

Dorothy Perkins handbag

After all, the fashionista’s love affair with satchel’s show no sign of abating thus far, and monochrome swings back pretty much every season, so it’d be an investment at the very least. Look at me trying to justify £35 on a bag, told you I was a skinflint!

If you are feeling a bit braver, you could introduce black and white using one piece of clothing. A top or a skirt. Maybe even trousers, if you are naturally stylish these ones from River Island are great and make me wish fervently that I had long, slim legs.

River Island pants

I only have two monochrome items in my wardrobe. A tunic from Peacocks, and a skirt from Primark.

IMG-20130212-00467 IMG-20130212-00469

Being rather short and, how do I put this, dainty means that this is one trend that I may struggle with, clothingwise. If I were taller I would buy this utterly fabulous jumpsuit from Mango

Mango jumpsuit

But I shall have to face facts, and leave this particular clothing style to the tall and willowy, instead using accessories. Not everyone suits every trend and I look better in colour and neutrals, away from the harshness of black and white!

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps!

No Outfit Today!

My joints are pretty sore, so I’m in my onesie. And no-one wants to see that. Trust me.

But, I have found a fab new moisturiser from a local company. Its an avocado moisturiser from a company called Elegance Natural Skin Care. Its awesome. I’ve been using it less than a week and my skin feels lovely and has stayed clear. Give it a try, and let me know how you get on!


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