My Precious!

Jewellery. Its a funny thing, isn’t it? It can be shockingly cheap or heartstoppingly expensive. It can dress down an outfit, think wooden beads and bangles, add a quirky touch, coloured resin or enamel, or add a dose of glamour with gold or silver delicate adornments. Your jewellery is the finale, the full stop, the hail Mary. So, it’s important to get it right.

I’m a huge fan of “statement necklaces” (I shuddered as I wrote that) and I have several boxes full of them. But, you can never have too many! I’ve got my eye on this antler necklace from Not On The High Street


Do you think The Man will get it for valentines day? I’ve dropped enough hints. Even sent him pictures of it and bookmarked it on the laptop. Actually considering making it my screensaver, or is that a step too far?

Anyhoo, jewellery, specifically, necklaces. I keep forgetting my necklaces, especially in the winter. I seem to associate them with summery clothes, maxi dresses and vests. But I’ve recently rediscovered the prettiness that can be added to mundane outfits with a simple bit of neck decorations. Necklaces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from the sentimental jewels, like the locket The Man bought me on The Boy’s first birthday, the pearls that Mum-In-Law gave me on my wedding day, and the Hot Diamonds necklace that The Boy picked as my Christmas present this year, to the big and bolshy pieces of tat that you pick up for pennies on the high street.

038 039

But, while these trinkets are wonderful, I have a soft spot for the bolshy bling that would appeal to a misguided magpie.

029 026 021 025 037 036

023 024 027 031 032 035 040 045

It’s wise to widen your search parameters when looking for necklaces, in Shrewsbury we have monthly craft fairs called Made In Shropshire where local manufacturers, like Phillip Tulley and, my personal favourite, Tig Designs can showcase their creations. Take a look in small boutique stores as well as the high street. Shops like Accessorize are great for generic bling, but you can’t beat the indies. Its worth trying your local community college to ask when students are showcasing their creations, or if you are really brave (and I’m not) doing a course yourself.

pick_up_sticks_1_1 seed_pod_small_skeleton_1
Tig Designs by Jodie Mollart-Highfield.

So, embrace your inner magpie and add a touch of glamour and sparkle to these dull winter days. It’ll make you smile, I’m sure of it!

Today’s Outfit

IMG-20130211-00451 IMG-20130211-00449

IMG-20130211-00460 IMG-20130211-00455

Today its all about warmth! I wear the same outfits quite a lot, and love my deerstalker. Although I am aware that its ever so slightly Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast Club.

Cords – TopShop
Striped Tee – Primark
Denim Shirt – H&M
Hi Tops – Gola
Ring – Accessorize
Duffel Coat – by Blonde & Blonde but got it from Bank last year.

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing!

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