Now, That’s Unexpected….


We all have favourite stores, places that we will check first whenever we are looking for something new. For me H&M for basics, TK Maxx for something a bit quirky, TopShop for trousers and Warehouse for dresses. I talked about being brave and trying vintage and charity shops, but how about being brave when it comes to normal shops? How often do we try a completely different shop?

Today I met my mother-in-law in town, we looked around and generally had a lovely time. We popped into the QVC Outlet (yes, Shrewsbury has one) and I found an utterly fab little jacket. Purple chiffon layers with one button at the neck.

IMG-20130209-00434 101606_ADE_M_2

Mum-In-Law bought it for me as a treat – how nice is that? The picture doesnt do it justice, and best of all – it was only £6.60! I will wear it with my indigo baxters and a basic black top underneath. I also found a nautical style wool tunic, which certainly wasn’t THAT much, it was under £15.

See, amongst all the oddities and rubbish there are some genuine goodies to be found! If, like me, you are a Veteran of Vintage and a Regular Rummager you try to stay open minded about shops and clothes. It also helps if you are happy to alter things. I am used to finding surprises from unexpected sources, think Marge Simpson finding her Chanel suit, and you have my dream shopping trip


Sometimes it pays to step outside your comfort zone. Pop into the shop you dismissed as too old, too young, too cheap or too expensive. Just in case. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Todays Outfit


Jeans – Baxters from TopShop
Top – Next sale
Boots – New Look reduced in the sale

Full make up again, and I waved my hair, which I was very pleased with. I’m definitely getting the hang of it now. Nails were clean, they are in flitters at the moment, so I shall have to lay off the polish for a week or so. But, today’s triumph is wearing heels all morning and surviving. I did a lot of walking and managed to not fall over. Progress!

Until next time, Happy Fabulizing peeps!!

2 thoughts on “Now, That’s Unexpected….

  1. My best resource for finding new shops is Dressipi
    It’s a website where you put in your measurements, answer a few questions, and it recommends clothes that will suit your shape, both in a general “tailored shirt dress” kind of way and in a specific “this dress from this shop, it is £35, click here to buy it” kind of way.
    (I don’t work for them, I just think they are great)
    Obviously you have to do quite a bit of clicking like and dislike before it knows your taste 🙂
    I’ve bought clothes from a few places that I wouldn’t have thought of visiting.
    They’ve also just introduced a “tell me when this is on sale” thingy, so you can say “I like this” and get an email if it gets reduced in price!

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