It Must Be Love…


Like most people, my thoughts have turned to valentine’s day. It’s less than a week away and for the first time, I have a date on the day itself. With The Husband. We are going out for a meal in a restaurant (one that doesn’t have a playbarn attached) where we will drink wine and hold hands without a seven year old shouting “EWWWW, disgusting!” at us. This means that I can get dressed up. Maybe even wear heels. That started me thinking, how do you decide what to wear when you are so out of practice? I have some really gorgeous clothes, but they all seem appropriate for certain events, and not others. A black dress seems too funeraly, a silk shift too weddingy and jeans are too casual, so what do you wear on a date with a man with whom you have shared 15 years of your life. A man who has seen you give birth and once emptied your catheter.

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I have pulled out every dress I own in search of the perfect one. I miss going out and having fun, and often worry that I’ve lost my knack, that the breezy, funny, bundle of energy I was on our first date has been hidden behind years of housework, packed lunches and various other stuff. I think that’s why I’m so excited about valentine’s night, it’s a chance to remind each other of who we are behind the routine and shared history.


So, our date. What is appropriate for a date with your husband? I’m torn between four dresses. There is this dress from Warehouse which I absolutely love and I would wear with black patent high heels.


There’s this dress from Dorothy Perkins which I’ve not worn yet but looks great with cerise heels.


This from Warehouse with black shoe boots, I can’t think of any other time I could wear it, its a bit Glamazony for my usual style.


Or this old dress from Next that looks good with cerise heels.


So, one, two, three or four? Help me, please, fellow Fabulizers!!

Today’s Outfit


Cords: TopShop
Tunic: Monsoon
Boots: New Look

I even waved my hair today, go me!

And happy Friday!!

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