Dress Down Friday

So, today I am at home doing a spot of writing, housework and cleaning out the fridge. The glamour of being a Stay At Home Mum and Responsible Adult! This means that I need to be comfortable and practical. Today I am wearing my indigo Baxters, a coral sloppy batwing top from New Look, a cream cardigan from TK Maxx and a pair of Blowfish Moody Boots. The belt can be found anywhere!



Its surprisingly comfy, and lets face it, I cant look like I’m heading for a night out all the time. My routine is becoming habit now, and its nice to know that I’m genuinely trying. I have more pride, if that makes sense. My favourite cosmetic type is nail polish, and my nails are very pretty today. In Essie’s Good as Gold.


I really need to sort through my jeans, I’ve got far too many of the bloody things, but every time I try to whittle them down, I balk and can’t bear to lose them. I also have lots of “basic” tops. You know the type, semi-fitted, long-sleeved tshirts. Often lauded as Wardrobe Staples, they seem so versatile, and are great for layering. Or so I’ve been told. But they just seem so… dull and unimaginative. I have a drawer full but pass them up for items with character and colour. Never mind the fact that you can only wear them for about a week and a half, too early in the year and it’s too cold. A bit later, it’s too war. And then it’s too cold again. You can layer up as much as you like, which does make them a bit more interesting, but they are still just basics, and the name says it all. So I ignore them for slouchy tops, or knits, or tunics… They do have their place, especially under something like a patterned blazer, but on the whole they seem pretty useless. I should sort them out really, but I have been tricked into thinking of them as must haves. I have been brainwashed by style supplements and magazines. I am weak.

One day I will clear out my wardrobe effectively and pass half of it onto the charity shop. Just not yet.

happy Fabulizing, peeps!

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