Plucking Back..

Its the end of January, so a good time to look back over the month and assess how the fabulizing is going. I will admit, there have been days when I just couldn’t be bothered to fabulize. And days when I genuinely couldn’t fabulize. But, overall I have done pretty well. My eyebrows have been groomed and tidy, its so much easier to keep them looking good when I check everyday rather than allowing a monobrow to form before attacking it with tweazers and vaseline, wiping away the tears and snot and wondering if I’ve gone too far.



I’ve had my, rather unruly, mop of hair cut into a proper style and dyed. I’ve also been making the effort to dry it properly every night, using the nozzle on the hairdryer and a brush, rather than waving the dryer over it for two seconds before pulling my hair into. messy ponytail. I’ve invested in decent handcream from l’occtaine I don’t mind paying extra because you only need a tiny bit and its just so gorgeous. I have also started paying a bit more for my make up. it turns out, there IS a difference between Clarins and Constance Carroll. I still refuse to pay a fortune, but have become pretty damned good at finding products discounted. Below is a list of websites that I’ve been using.

Fragrance Direct
Click Fragrance
Xtras Online

I used a place called Beauty and the Beach for my hair. A cut, colour and blow dry was only £40.00, they are in Shrewsbury and offer a range of services. Tig Designs make great silver handmade jewelry.

I feel so much better in myself since I started fabulizing. I have more confidence and enjoy putting on my make up. I feel prepared too, if I need to go out in a rush, it’s okay because I’m ready.

But, I’m still me. I’m still scatty and neurotic, just shinier now, and that’s good enough for me!

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