Hats The Way To Do It!


Hats are funny things, we associate them with cold weather, races and weddings, but they can finish off your outfit. Think about it, you spend time deciding what to wear. You ensure you have the right underwear, you pick out the perfect accessories, you do your make up and put on the right shoes/boots. And then what do you do? You put a coat on over the whole thing, covering up everything that you have done so far, all that work. The right hat can undo that quickly. It can be functional and attractive. A pair of jeans and a jumper, worn with a duffel coat over can look young and quirky with a deerstalker hat to finish it off. A dress with a smart pea coat over the top can be given a vintage twist with a felt or wool cloche hat. Meanwhile a biker jacket can be softened by a beanie and a summer dress looks delightfully bohemian with a wide-brimmed straw hat. A hat can cover a multitude of sins, a bad hair day/week/month/year, if you forgot to wash your hair or couldn’t dry it properly, or if you have an inch or two of regrowth.


A couple of years ago, as you can see, I had a Very Bad Haircut. It honestly made me cry every day for a week until I could get it sorted out. Thank god for hats at that time. Even afterwards, when my hair didn’t look quite right, a hat hid it from the rest of the world.


I love wearing hats, especially in the summer. They are fun and practical. I have quite a large collection of hats, but tend to wear the same ones over and over.

holiday 100

IMG-20130129-00310 IMG-20130129-00311 

IMG-20130129-00313  IMG-20130129-00319

IMG-20130129-00322 IMG-20130129-00312

I have passed on my love of hats to my son, he wears a straw fedora in the summer and a peaked beanie in the winter. Next time you throw on that coat, grab a hat too, functional, attractive and fun. Win, win!



Cords – TopShop
Stripey Tee – Primark
Woollen Waistcoat – Old buy from TopShop, alternative from Debenhams
Boots – Ebay
Nails – Essie Mirror Metallics Everybody Knows (I love this range)


Today is a quiet “stay at home and do housework/watch telly” day so comfort is very important. The cords are soft and high waisted so they dont cut in anywhere, the tee is comfy and the waistcoat is warm.

Happy Fabulizing!


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