Cheap as Frites

Today I am bedecked in a variety of bargains that were found by trawling the Internet, persevering with the sales, braving the charity shops and digging through the clearance sections. Gone are the days when people sneered at second hand. Farewell to fashion-forward over frugality. Hasta la vista to horrified stares at hand me downs. The smart shopper pays less and is proud of it.


This is today’s outfit. The most expensive item was the hi-tops. I got them from tk maxx for £12, they are so comfortable and appeal to my inner eighteen year old. The cords were £10 from TopShop while the vest was £3.00 instore. The denim shirt is from H+M but I found it in a charity shop. The necklace was a find on Amazon, while a similar belt can be found on sites such as Beyond Retro.

Retro Rocks

The bottom line is, magazines and stylists love to talk about Retro and Vintage. They rhapsodise about how quirky styles work so well and vintage being affordable but wearable, then show us vintage Chanel. But vintage is second-hand by a more media friendly name. I’m proud to be a cheapskate. I love getting bargains and wearing things that were released a few seasons ago, but can be instantly freshened and funked up.

If I am looking for something in particular, I will always check the charity shops first. Knowing that I’m helping a good cause as well as getting a bargain is a nice feeling. Next I will try sites like Ebay. People sell on ebay to raise extra cash, so if I can get something from them, great. Next step will be trawling sales, discount sites and online vintage stores. I am currently looking for a faux fur coat, but can’t find the perfect one. However, I know it’ll show up eventually. In the meantime I will continue to check my bookmarked sites, in the hope of finding another bargain.

Happy Fabulizing!

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