The Clash!

Earlier this week I posted about my pretty new boots, and as I sat stroking them (yes, I am THAT sad) I gazed at my clothes hanging up and wondered if I could now be a bit braver. Channel my inner Alexis and break out of my rut. Maybe it’s time to mix it up. Be brave. I’ve always loved clashing patterns and fabrics. A woolly jumper with a silk skirt, stripes with flowers, coloured tights and Hawaiian patterns but it’s a fine line between quirky “I got dressed quickly and don’t care how I look, which makes me look fabulous” and eccentric “I got dressed in the dark and need to be taken in hand because I’m hurting people’s eyes”. It takes confidence and guts to wear clashing clothes in public and when I was a teenager it was fine. But clashing clothes as a woman in your mid-thirties takes care and planning.

Off The Mark Cartoons

My wardrobe is full of clothes that I bought on impulse. That I liked and bought without considering what I would wear with it. They were usually in the sale and I can’t bear to get rid of them, just in case. A green a-line skirt with a high waist, from TopShop which with the wrong top could look frumpy. But I tried it with a loose fitting black and cream striped top and tan waist belt (and, of course,my new boots) and it suddenly works.


A pair of cream cable tights which I love but never look quite right, but with a natural pattern skirt and oatmeal jumper they look quirky and cool.


That’s the thing,I would never have thought about mixing clothes fabrics like that before, and it seems to work for everything. I bought a new pair of cords the other day and was wondering how to wear them. I was a bit worried that I had, once again impulse bought something that would languish in the drawer, to be worn when decorating. But I have managed to put together a series of outfits



The great thing about clothes, is the versatility, they can turn you into someone else if you want them to, there are only the rules which you apply to yourself. Rules such as “if you wore it back in the day, on teenagers it should say”. When I was young one of the rules was “blue and green should never be seen” but they clash in a fab way.

Maybe we all need to be a little braver. Experiment a bit more and tell ourselves that we make the rules, we buy the clothes and we deserve to look and feel fabulous.

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