These boots were made for talking


Some women love heels. They gaze at jimmy choo’s longingly. They stroke pictures of Manolo Blahnik’s and save up for what can only be described as art for the feet. I used to be like that, then, when I had my son I discovered that my Centre of gravity had changed and I could no longer sashay in stilettos or prance in platforms. I was doomed to a lifetime of flat boots and ballet pumps. I seem to have acquired several boots of a similar style, over the years. From biker boots to fuggs to riders to pixies, they are all brown, they are all low and they all look better with jeans than skirts. But, there’s something about the right boots that makes you feel like a superstar!

The holy grail of boots is the perfect height, not too close to the knee (I’m slightly knock-kneed and my joints swell frequently, making it look like I’ve stuffed a balloon into a sock) not too close to the ankle (I want to lengthen my legs, not chop ’em). Soft leather (I don’t want to creak when I walk) a small heel that has a fair circumference and a narrowish toe. Up until yesterday that boot has eluded me. And that made me sad. I wanted boots that I could wear with skirts and dresses without looking like I did at 18, when I lived in DM’s and velvet mini-skirts


Yesterday I was walking through Shrewsbury with my husband and our son when I saw a pair of boots in the window of Cara Shoes, my husband asked if I wanted them for my birthday (which was monday) I, of course, jumped up and down with joy. However, upon trying them on I discovered that the calves were too big for me. So they looked like wellies. Then I saw them. It was a beautiful moment, I swear, I heard angels singing and a light shone directly onto a pair of tan boots tucked into the corner of the sale section.


Adjustable width, 2″ wooden block heel, soft leather, narrow rounded toe… I tried them on over my skinny jeans and they looked perfect, I got them home and tried them on with a variety of skirts and they were perfect! At last, my perfect boots.


There are certain rules that must be adhered to when choosing boots Look Magazine published an article about skirts and boots, but choosing the right boots goes further than that. My husband doesn’t understand why I need so many pairs, but I can’t wear green skinny jeans with brown knee highs, I would look like robin Hood. And as cool as that would be, I just can’t pull off the bow and arrow look!


So, rules. If you have slender ankles, avoid fitted ankle boots with leggings, true skinnies or skirts. You will look fragile and tottery. The length of boots is important, I’m not a fan of miniskirts with knee highs, they remind me of Vivienne from Pretty Woman. Colour is important, especially when dealing with coloured jeans or trousers. As cool as it would be to be a superhero, you would laugh at superman walking down the street in full costume.

The most important thing to remember though, is they need to be comfortable. Too high/low/small/big? Avoid. No matter how cheap or pretty they are. Nothing is less attractive than a woman wearing something that is obviously causing her pain.

And, on that note, happy fabulizing people. Toodles!

3 thoughts on “These boots were made for talking

  1. Superman should definitely only wear the top half of his costume. His winkie could waft freely in the breeze. Nobody would laugh then. Or if they did, they’d be sorry.

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