Nailed It!


I love nailpolish. I tailor my nailpolish to my clothes and love experimenting. However, I refuse to pay a fortune to pursue my addiction, so I try to buy from discount sites wherever possible. Essie is one of my favourite brands, their colours are bold and versatile. Their formula is thick without being gloopy, and they last well. Not just that, Essie is often found on discount sites, such as xtras-online and for around £5.00, rather than the tenner mark on the highstreet. Another favourite is Nails Inc, available from Boots, or in tk maxx. Nails Inc is slightly funkier than Essie, and never seems to last as well. But, their colours are just so pigment rich and FUN, that it doesn’t matter. I have two real Nails Inc favourites, Omp (which was a magazine freebie that I managed to pick up on Ebay) and Motcomb Street. However, there are others which I am hankering after, Swiss Cottage (which is a fabulous turquoise and gold) and The Boltons (which is a wonderful satiny red). I find red quite difficult to wear. They are either too bright or too vampy.


I am well aware that there are certain trends in make up as there are in clothes, but I don’t really believe in following them. Certain colours look better in different seasons, even different shades of the same colour. For example, a sparkling blue-green, such as No7’s Dollar, looks gorgeous in the summer, while Totally Teal is perfect for the autumn. A pinky-red, such as the aforementioned Omp, is great in the spring. Bright and fresh. Essie’s Size Matters is a gorgeous deep red with a bluish tint, and looks fab in the winter. Another good Essie polish for the winter is Good As Gold from their Mirror Metallics.


Its that rare thing in a metallic nail polish, it actually looks like molten gold rather than glittery spraypaint. In fact, I love it so much that I’ve ordered the No Place Like Chrome as well. After all, your nails are always on show!

I’m horrendous at staying in the lines though. My fingers end up looking like a Jackson Pollock. I’m not artistic, can’t do patterns or even manicures. For this reason I keep a paintbrush for tidying up my fingers afterward, otherwise the whole image is ruined by pigs trotters dipped in emulsion.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some nail art to practice.

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