Holding Back The Years…

There comes, in every womans life, a sad moment. It sneaks up on you like crows feet and exhaustion. Its when you realise that the hot “retro” trend is something that you wore as a youngster.


You laughed and rejoiced as 70’s flares, wedges and big hats were once again groovy and your mother despaired. You woke up and threw on acid wash jeans and neon batwings before you would go-go. When Mad Men was released we oohed and ahhhed over the feminine fabrics and shapes before agonising over whether to dress like Betty or Joan. We loved Retro trends and the feeling of “dress up” that it gave us. Reminding us of being children and playing Princesses and Pirates at Nursery.


Then something happened. We started to recognise the teenagers around town as updated versions of ourselves. Top Shop has highlighted 90’s trends as this years big retro look. Asos agrees. From fashion to hair and make up the 90’s (and grunge in particular) are making a comeback. I saw a piece in Easy Living heralding the return of the grunge ponytail (a ponytail style that I have been wearing for 20 years) and a little bit of me withered.


Thats it. I lived the Retro Trend back when it was Fashion Forward. I longed to live in Seattle and wept for Kurt Cobain (although, I secretly loved Take That). I wore Doc Martens and Converse with torn, baggy jeans, waistcoats and tshirts. Babydoll dresses (which were similar to skater dresses) and floppy hats. And my rule which states that “If you wore it back in the day, On teenagers, it should stay” dictates that I should avoid this trend like the plague.


Plus, Grunge only really works on sullen psuedo-disillusioned teenagers who agonize about world hunger and music. Not 30-something wives and mums who need to be in bed by 10pm.

And its just as well, I looked a mess!

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