Scruffs – Best In Class

This week I’ve talked a lot about raising my game. Putting on make up, doing my hair and wearing pretty clothes. Sadly though, I am neither a barbie doll, nor a princess. Being primped and preened is great but I am a mum to a boisterous, grubby, lovable seven year old boy. I have housework to do. Cooking. Washing. Lego to build. Dinosaurs to capture. A dog to walk

Today is a make up free day. A day when comfort is priority. Jeans tend to be a bit stiff around the waist, so I am wearing my lovely burgundy cords and cream jumper both from H&M. The cords are great because they have a zip at the ankle, I suffer from fibromyalgia and a form of arthritis so the zips help when my ankles swell up. On my feet I am wearing a pair of blue Gola canvas Hi-Tops which are ridiculously comfortable and look better the more you wear them. Hair is in a ponytail.

This is my default setting. Wearing make up doesn’t turn me into Scarlett Johansson, as much as I would like to believe otherwise. And, lets be honest, maintaining that level of perfection at all times must be exhausting. That’s why I believe the most important thing you can do is investment in your skin. Days off make up, a skincare regime that works for you, whether it’s facials every other day, or a swish with soap, and The Right Moisturiser. Moisturiser is one thing I don’t like to skimp on, although I try to find it as cheaply as possible, and the best one for me is Neals Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture not only does it smell wonderful, but it softens my skin, soothes blotchiness and prevents spots. cleansing wise I use No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser twice a week and use Simple baby Shampoo daily. I originally started using it as recommended by my GP for a stye, but its magical stuff and has helped my skin no end.

Do you have any odd beauty tips that you would like to share?

Until tomorrow, toodles, Fabulizers!

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