Mission: Crimpossible

I have straight hair. Very straight. It’s also very fine and silky. Sounds good in theory, but a Fabulizer needs to be able to pull off different hairstyle with aplomb. For Xmas I had a Remington Multistyler from my wonderful PILs, that I have been trying out on my thread-like barnet. Straightening was quite easy. Of course, I got myself into a tangle of arms, fingers and cord trying to do the right and the back, but it was ok. The curling did not work as well. I looked like a matted poodle had landed on my head. My hair normally looks like this:


There’s a lot of hair in there! So I spoke to Hairdresser friend of mine, Jayne and she gave me some great advice, which I am passing onto you!

* Separate your hair into vertical sections about an inch wide. Use clips, bobbles, slides… it really doesn’t matter.
* Spray each section of hair with firm hold hairspray before twisting your hair around the styler as directed on the instructions.
*Start at the middle back and move forward. Don’t stress too much about the back.
* At the front curl away from your face.

This is what my hair looks like now:


It’s not perfect, and I don’t know how long it will last, but I quite like it. It also goes well with today’s outfit. I was feeling vintage so painted my nails in Essie’s Size Matters which is a fab red with a blueish tone to it. it looks so much better on me that normal reds which can be too orange. I am wearing a MaxC dress in rust with a large black bow collar and black opaque tights with black pull on flat boots. I managed to do full make up again and am getting the hang of applying the cheek tint. Starting to look less like Aunt Sally, which is nice. The Clarins Rouge Appeal lipstick is marvellous and I can’t believe that I have wasted so much money in the past on sub-standard lipsticks!

Time to go, I hope you are enjoying this blog, please let me know if there’s anything you would like me to check out/write about!

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