Sunday Best, or, Waste Not, Want Not!

I was reading through my Mumsnet threads today and someone linked to a dress that they have just got from Phase Eight. its a lovely black and white 60’s style shift with peter pan collar. I lurve it and thought about asking DH for it, my birthday is coming up after all. But thought, “if I bought a dress like that I’d never wear it, I’d save it for best” which made me think.

Why do we do this? Surely, it makes more sense to wear something more often if we pay more for it? To get our money’s worth, so to speak. A dress that we bought for a wedding was bought because it was pretty, it suits us and we want to look our best.



Why don’t we want to look our best everyday? I’m not suggesting that we all walk around in our finery 24/7, after all, its nice to have things for best. Plus its difficult to get spaghetti sauce out of silk. But I certainly spend far less on things that I wear every day. For example, today’s outfit is a pair of Baxter jeans from TopShop, a long sleeved grey stripy tshirt from Primark, a cream 3/4 sleeve cable swing jumper from River Island and a pair of comfy brown fleece lined boots. most were ebay purchases, and none of them cost more than £20.

So, I’m frugal. Thats good. I suppose I need to find the balance between frugal and skinflint.  My clothes are an investment in the type of person I want to be and a way I want to look, maybe I should start trusting that investment. I have a lot of lovely clothes hanging in my bedroom, most of which I keep for “best” because they cost more, or are from a more upmarket shop…

So, from now on I will try to wear Sunday Best on a Wednesday as well. After all, its what Mary would have wanted


Disclaimer: Mary was the name of my always made-up, well turned out, and much missed Nana. 

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