Make-up Hoarders Anonymous….


The thing about being utterly clueless when it comes to make-up and preening oneself, is that you never build an allegiance  to specific brands. I have a soft spot for Boots No7, because there is a Boots in almost every town and they have frequent special offers. But, on the whole, I tend to pop into poundland or TK Maxx and just buy whatever catches my eye. This has backfired. Massively. As I discovered today when I decided to tidy up my make up collection.

I like to be prepared. Organisation is very important to me, I dont care so much about tidiness, as long as I know where everything is I’m happy. So I have 3 make up bags, they are as follows.

A small white one with emergency supplies. It contains free samples of eyecream, luminizer (whatever that is, don’t people just moisturise anymore?) and foundation. Along with other “life-savers” including a teal liquid eyeliner and pencil. I will never wear these products. Ever. But I can’t bear to chuck them, because one day teal-ringed eyes might be just the thing to make me look fabulous. Its insane.


I also have a “special” case with darker, more dramatic colours and an everyday one with the bits I am using to try to look de-fraggley. Clearing out has brought to my attention the amount of rubbish I have. Specifically, foundations. I seem to have acquired 14 tubes of foundation/bb cream/tinted moisuriser. FOURTEEN. And that’s not including the free samples.


So, I have decided to be brutal. into the bin goes anything I’m not sure about. Lipsticks that gunk around your mouth (I can’t be the only person in the world with this problem) eyeshadows that look bizarre and multiples of anything. I feel liberated. And scared. Maybe I should retrieve that eyeliner after all, teal is a great colour….

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