Fabulization – the beginning

It’s quite a shock to look in the mirror and see that the fresh-faced, make up free look that you have rocked your whole life, is no longer working.

I’ve always been a bit of an indie chick, and a tomboy. Baggy jeans, canvas hi-tops and tshirts were my staples and I considered it a win if I brushed my hair before tying it back. I sound scruffy, and I am. Years of simply not bothering with my appearance have got me into a bit of a rut. Actually, make that a lot. A glut of a rut. 

So, as part of a NewYear, New Me campaign, I shall be fabulizing. This includes wearing make up almost every day (I’m a big believer in giving your skin a day off) trying to “do” my hair, and shunning the scruffy student-wear that I have lived in since I was 14.

I live in the sticks, on the welsh border, so I need to be practical as well as fabulous. I shall try to wear heels again. I currently walk like a rhino on bamboo stilts in anything over an inch, that does not look good in a sophisticated grownup. Which is what I want to be. That said,I don’t want to change my style too much. I am who I am, and that’s good. I just want to unlock a slightly shiner, better run version of myself.

Today was the first day back to school for Feral Boy (7) and we overslept. Not off to the best start, especially considering I have a spot on my forehead, the size of the wrekin. But I managed full make up (Inc primer) in 10 mins. Result.

Make up:
Foundation- clarins true comfort http://www.xtras-online.co.uk/cosmetics/clatcf.html
Cheek tint (much longer lasting than blusher) benefit
Eyeshadow- boots no7 long lasting eye mousse in shell
Lipstick- clarins Rouge appeal longlasting lipstick in cappuccino http://www.xtras-online.co.uk/cosmetics/claslll.html it has a lovely silky texture and doesn’t flake or gunk up like most lipsticks I’ve tried.
Nails- Essie brooch the subject with good to go topcoat coat. I just love Essie and online shops like http://www.cheapsmells.com sell it very cheaply with some ace colours.

Stripey jumper dress from la redoute http://www.laredoute.co.uk/long-sleeved-striped-jersey-knit-sweater-dress.htm?ProductId=324339952
Brown opaque 40den tights
Brown biker boots
Burgundy suede biker jacket.
Brown plaited belt.

Off for my bath now, scrub, shave (my whole leg, not just calves) and body butter. See you on the other side.

Feel free to share your fashion and beauty tips.

3 thoughts on “Fabulization – the beginning

  1. LOL @ ‘rhino on bamboo stilts’. I go to an upholstery class, and one of the women there rocks up every week in 4″ heels and red lipstick and proceeds to pull apart Parker Knoll chairs and put them together again with the aid of compressed air staple guns. I am simultaneously fascinated by her and also a bit terrified.
    Good luck with your fabulizing – I look forward to reading more!

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